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Christopher T. Griffin, D.M.D
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"Great doctor, thank you very much! Much appreciated."

What are dentures?

Denture Set Dentures are removable oral prosthetics that are used to replace teeth that have been lost due to extraction, periodontal disease (gum disease), decay or injury. Dentures are typically made using pink acrylic and composite or acrylic teeth. Here in our office we fabricate our dentures with Ivocap injected high impact pink acrylic which is custom tinted for each patient to closely reproduce the appearance of natural gingival tissue for the base.

We choose to utilize porcelain teeth as oppose to acrylic or composite teeth. Porcelain teeth are the most lifelike, durable prosthetic teeth available today and exhibit the best wear characteristics.

Who is a good candidate for dentures?

Good candidates for dentures are people who have lost teeth and would like to regain esthetics and function.

What can I expect when being fitted for dentures?

We pride ourselves on the great care and detail we take when fitting our patients for their dentures. We take photographs, detailed custom impressions and multiple records. Before we make the final set, we fit the dentures to make sure that tooth position, occlusion (bite), and your ability to speak are very natural. Once you’ve personally approved tooth position and appearance of your new denture, only then will we proceed in processing the final prosthesis.

In more difficult cases, a trial denture is used to verify function and appearance. With a trial denture, a functional impression is employed. This technique will provide the most predictable prosthesis available today. As a bonus, the trial denture is maintained by the patient and can be used as a “back up” prosthesis in the event their denture is damaged and requires repair or replacement.

What are my other options?

In the event that patients are unable to comfortably wear and function with a complete denture or desire something “more stable” and/or “that does not cover the roof of their mouth”, implants can be used to retain or support the prosthesis. Increasing the number of implants may allow the patient to advance from a removable denture to a hybrid prosthesis which is secured to the implants and can only be removed by the dentist.

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Christopher T. Griffin, D.M.D
Rating :
I've gone to at least 3 different dentists over the past few years, consistently had dental problems and had to get the same treatment done over and over again. Since I started going to Dr. Griffin, my dental problems are all solved for good. Here is a dentist with so much attention to detail and you can tell he truly loves what he does and sincerely cares about his patients.
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