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What is oral surgery?

Doctor extracting defective tooth Oral surgery for most people will refer to the idea of tooth removal. Although this is true, oral surgery encompasses many other diagnostic and surgical procedures. Oral surgery will include the management of trauma to the head and neck areas, tumor removal and therapy, implant placement and a host of other little known services.

In our office, oral surgery will be limited to exodontia (tooth removal), prosthetic surgery, some implant placement and minor benign soft tissue lesion removal.

What is exodontia?

Exodontia is tooth removal. Tooth removal can be broken down into several categories:
  • Simple tooth extraction: Local anesthetic with a relatively atraumatic removal of the offending tooth.
  • Complex or surgical extraction: Local anesthetic with a surgical approach usually indicated when the tooth is severely broken down (decayed) or fractures during initial removal techniques. Many refer this procedure as having the tooth “cut” out.
  • Soft tissue impaction: Many times this is in reference to a “wisdom” tooth or third molar that has partially erupted or is covered by soft tissue only. This is a complex or surgical extraction.
  • Partial bony impaction: The reference to a partial bony impaction is when the offending tooth selected for removal is partially covered by bone and/or is partially obstructed by another tooth. Once again this is in reference to a "wisdom" tooth or third molar. Due to access and difficulty, this procedure is a more complex version of the surgical extraction.
  • Full bony impaction: This generally represents the most difficult of tooth extractions and most often provides more post operative complications which may include significant swelling, pain, limited opening and "dry socket". Often times sedation is recommended.

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review extremely friendly and Dr. Griffin is amazing
I have never been excited to go a dentist; however, I am glad that I found Dr. Griffins office when I came to Greenwood. All of the staff are extremely friendly and Dr. Griffin is amazing! Over the past few years, Dr. Griffin has helped me transform my mouth health. Thanks so much!!
Originally posted on best review for dentist in the area

What is prosthetic surgery?

Prosthetic surgery deals with preparation of the underlying bone to accept a dental prosthesis. Many times it is used to remove undercuts and ridges that would inhibit seating of the prosthetic.

What are dental implants?

Please refer to our section on dental implants for a full explanation of the definition, indications, planning and restoration of a lost dentition.

Do you offer sedation?

Yes, we offer light conscious sedation for the comfort of our patients.
Dr. Christopher Griffin, DMD graduated from College of Charleston in 1989 and Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry in Charleston in 1993. Having completed a general practice residency at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, he started practicing in Greenwood, SC where he has been for 23 years.

He follows continuous education to advance his knowledge and skills for his patients’ benefit. He has many Fellowships from prestigious dental academies. He is also involved with several dental and charity organizations.

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