Why might a Greenwood patient need wisdom teeth extractions?

Wisdom Teeth Extractions Greenwood

It is common to hear of someone having their wisdom teeth removed through wisdom teeth extractions. Greenwood residents can have their wisdom teeth, otherwise known as third molars, removed for a variety of reasons. Many patients are told that they need to have their wisdom teeth removed, even if they haven’t experienced issues with them, while others have them extracted because of pain and discomfort. Many patients want to know when wisdom tooth extraction is necessary.

First, it is important to understand when wisdom teeth may not need to be removed. If the teeth are healthy, completely erupted through the gums, do not interfere with the bite or tooth alignment, and can be thoroughly cleaned with brushing and flossing, most dentists will leave the wisdom teeth alone. When they start causing issues, dentists may recommend wisdom teeth extractions. Greenwood residents can find out from Dr. Griffin whether they would benefit from having these teeth removed.

Wisdom teeth might end up causing problems for a patient as they can grow at different angles and injure the jawbone. They can cause pain if they become impacted in the patient’s jaw. Situations like this may require that a dentist remove the wisdom teeth before they become a significant problem. This can require surgical removal if they have not erupted through the gums yet.

Sometimes, patients have them removed due to pain. This can happen from an infection or a cyst that can cause further damage to the tissue and bone in the area. Wisdom teeth can also cause overcrowding in the dental arch, which can result in shifting and misaligned teeth. Patients who have had extensive orthodontic work done may have their wisdom teeth extracted to maintain proper alignment.

Dr. Griffin of Greenwood will provide patients with the knowledge to understand whether they would benefit from wisdom teeth extractions. Greenwood residents can visit his practice for an examination and consultation appointment if they feel as though wisdom teeth extractions may benefit them.


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