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What to expect after oral surgery in the Greenwood area

What to Expect After Surgery in Greenwood

Oral surgeries such as extractions are common in the Greenwood area practice of Dr. Christopher T. Griffin. Extractions may be needed for:

  • Troublesome wisdom teeth
  • Teeth that have experienced severe decay
  • Teeth with failed root canal therapy
  • Teeth that cause overcrowding (typically done before orthodontic treatment)
  • The preparation of full cosmetic dentures

Oral surgery is typically done under anesthetics and sedation may be used to ensure patients are comfortable throughout the procedure. There is nothing for patients to fear during oral surgery, as it is painless when the proper steps have been taken.

However, many patients who visit our Greenwood area practice ask about what to expect after surgery. Dr. Griffin always covers this during the initial consultation appointment before the procedure and he will send patients home with aftercare instructions. Here are some typical expectations many patients experience:

  • The area will be tender and sore, and patients are encouraged to take over-the-counter pain relievers immediately after their appointment to avoid pain once anesthetics wear off.
  • Patients should take it easy for the next day or two and get plenty of rest.
  • Patients should follow their dentist’s instructions in regards to replacing gauze in the mouth and controlling bleeding.
  • After 24 hours, patients can rinse their mouth with a mix of salt and warm water.
  • Patients may notice some swelling and bruising after their appointment and this is perfectly normal.
  • Patients should avoid messing with the extraction site, sucking through straws, and very hot food or drinks.
  • Avoiding smoking after oral surgery is also stressed for at least 48 hours but more so for a lifetime.

The gum tissue typically takes a few weeks to heal completely, and by taking good care of the extraction site, patients can ensure that the area heals as expected. Any concerns after several days, such as continued bleeding, extreme pain, or other problems should be brought to the attention of Dr. Griffin as soon as possible for thorough examination. However, most patients heal properly by following their dentist’s orders.

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