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Patients in the Greenwood, SC area ask, what are inlays?

Dr. Christopher T. Griffin in Greenwood, SC understands the importance of healthy, fully functioning teeth. He works closely with men and women who want to enhance their teeth and gums with general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. He offers a wide range of dental solutions for patients to cover nearly any concern.

For example, when patients are dealing with areas of decay, they may need to have fillings done. However, there are situations in which an area of decay is too large and cannot be addressed appropriately with a traditional filling. This is when Dr. Christopher T. Griffin may suggest an alternative such as inlays.

What are inlays? Inlays are a conservative method of repairing the tooth in a way that fillings cannot. Inlays are made of porcelain or gold and are placed into the prepared area of a damaged tooth. It is placed inside of the cusps of the natural tooth.

Onlays are similar to inlays; these restorations are common for patients who have areas of decay that include the tooth cusps. Our team can assist patients in determining if they are appropriate candidates for an inlay or an onlay depending on their specific needs and situation.

Inlays and onlays only require two appointments to complete. The first visit will be preparing the area by removing the decay and taking impressions of the tooth. These impressions are sent to a laboratory where the inlay is fabricated. A temporary sealant is placed until the second appointment during which the final restoration is bonded in place. The area is polished for a smooth finish and patients are able to enjoy their fully functioning smile!

If you live in or around Greenwood, SC and want to find out more about restorative and cosmetic services such as inlays and onlays, contact our team of professionals today. We can make recommendations based on your needs and budget to get you the care and attention necessary to enhance your smile!

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