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Secrets to long-lasting veneers in Greenwood, SC

Dental veneers are thin shells of restorative material, cemented to the front surfaces of teeth to improve aesthetics and strengthen enamel. They were invented in 1930 by a California dentist, Charles Pincus, to improve the smiles of Hollywood actors and actresses. However, without the benefit of today’s robust bonding agents, those veneers were apt to last no longer than the filming of a movie.

Fortunately, today’s luminous porcelain veneers are quite durable, and permanently bonded. With just a little extra attention, you may expect your veneers to last from ten to thirty years.

Permanent veneers are usually crafted in a dental lab from precise specifications – impressions, digital photographs, and measurements – supplied by your dentist. The porcelain material is very hard. It adds strength to a physically-compromised (chipped or cracked) tooth, and is resistant to staining.

If you have veneers, or are considering investing in this remarkable solution to damaged enamel, discoloration, or minor misalignment, Dr. Chris Griffin suggests you take time to learn a few tricks to keep them looking terrific for years:

  • Veneers do not prevent tooth decay or gum disease (the primary reasons teeth are lost), so it is important to maintain good oral hygiene at home. That means using the proper technique your dentist or hygienist taught you to brush after meals. Give extra consideration to the margin (the area where the veneer meets the gum line) when you brush. Floss before bedtime.
  • Keep your regular check-up appointments for professional cleanings and examinations. They allow Dr. Griffin to spot a potential problem early – before you risk losing a veneer or a tooth.
  • Avoid biting directly into very hard foods which could damage a veneer.
  • Don’t chew ice chips. The temperature inside your mouth is nearly 100 degrees. The sudden temperature change embrittles the porcelain making it more vulnerable to bite pressure.
  • Wear a night guard when you sleep if the doctor discovers signs of bruxism –grinding or excessive bite force during sleep.
  • Call Dr. Griffin for an appointment right away if you believe you have damaged or lost a veneer. He can have a new one made and placed quickly.

You don’t have to live in Hollywood to have a movie star smile. Veneers right here in Greenwood, SC offer a beautiful, long-lasting boost to your look and your confidence.

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