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Effective TMJ treatment options for Greenwood, SC

tmj tmd specialist in greenwood explains diagnosing and treatment for TMJ and TMD

TMJs are the joints on either side of the head that attach the lower jaw to the skull. They are associated with temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMD. When the jaw joint is misaligned, it can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms including headaches, clicking and popping, locked jaw, and pain in the face, neck, and shoulders. TMD is often misdiagnosed by medical doctors, or the symptoms are simply disguised with pain medications.
A consultation appointment and examination of the jaw joint helps Dr. Christopher Griffin properly diagnose this condition. He then works with the patient to determine an effective, customized TMD alleviation plan. Patients in Greenwood, SC may benefit from a treatment called oral appliance therapy.
Oral appliance therapy is an easy, affordable method to address problems associated with TMD. Many symptoms can be reduced or eliminated with the use of a special mouth guard. The appliance is custom-made for the patient’s mouth. It is created to realign the bite, reducing tension on the joint.
Many patients with TMD also clench or grind their teeth excessively; adding to the pain and causing wear and fractures of the teeth. A mouth guard protects otherwise healthy teeth from damage, during the day or while a patient sleeps, while relieving jaw strain.
Some patients dealing with improper bite alignment also benefit from orthodontic treatment. Braces reposition teeth to improve bite and reduce tension on the TMJ. This can be discussed with Dr. Griffin, possibly to be used in conjunction with oral appliance therapy.
In the most severe situations, surgery could be necessary. However, most cases of TMD can be improved with oral appliance therapy. Economical and comfortable, an oral appliance can be a wonderful way for a patient to find relief from this troublesome disorder that impacts many aspects of life.
Dr. Griffin is happy to help patients determine the best option for their TMJ concerns. If you have been diagnosed with TMD or believe it may be contributing to your symptoms, and you are ready for relief from the discomfort, contact Dr. Griffin in Greenwood, SC today. Schedule an examination to determine if oral appliance therapy, the most conservative solution, is right for your personal situation.
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I have never been excited to go a dentist; however, I am glad that I found Dr. Griffins office when I came to Greenwood. All of the staff are extremely friendly and Dr. Griffin is amazing! Over the past few years, Dr. Griffin has helped me transform my mouth health. Thanks so much!!
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