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What to expect from your tooth extraction in Greenwood, SC

Tooth Extraction in Greenwood area

The teeth are designed to last a lifetime with proper care. However, there are times when certain problems arise, or trauma occurs that may require the patient to seek the assistance of a dentist. Greenwood, SC area dentist, Dr. Christopher Griffin, is pleased to provide tooth extractions for patients in and around the community. Tooth extractions are the removal of one or more teeth, either simply or surgically.

Types of tooth extraction

Dr. Christopher Griffin offers two types of tooth extraction:

  • Simple extraction – a simple extraction is used for teeth that have erupted through the gum line. These teeth are removed quickly and easily with a special extraction instrument that removes the tooth from the bone of the jaw. These types of extractions often do not require stitches and can be done with proper sedation and anesthetics for patient comfort. A simple extraction may be performed for a tooth that has been damaged, broken, and irreparable. Patients considering orthodontics for overcrowding may also have simple extractions done on excess teeth to make space for the realignment.
  • Surgical extraction – the alternative is surgical extraction. This extraction is performed if a patient needs to have a tooth removed that has not erupted through the gum line. This may be a wisdom tooth or an impacted tooth that requires removal. Surgical extractions are more invasive and are performed under sedation and anesthetic. Patients will have oral surgery performed to remove the tooth, and stitches are used to help the area heal afterward. Surgical extractions may require longer recovery time.
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Is it okay to remove permanent teeth?

Baby teeth were meant to fall out, but permanent teeth were meant to last a lifetime. Is it okay to remove a permanent tooth? There are many situations during which a dentist may recommend the removal of a tooth. In many cases, patients can have their tooth replacement performed at the same appointment as their extraction. Dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants may be used to restore the appearance and function of the smile after tooth extraction.

Are you in need of tooth extraction?

Greenwood, SC area patients who require dental reconstruction services are encouraged to book a consultation visit with Dr. Christopher Griffin at (864) 229-2610. The practice is conveniently located at 150 West Cambridge Avenue.

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