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What are the Symptoms of TMJ/TMD?

treatment for TMJ and TMD from Dr. Christopher Griffin in greenwood

TMJ/TMD is short for temporomandibular joints/disease. The two are often interchanged, but TMJ refers to the joint itself, while TMD refers to the constant struggles of dealing with the pain associated with the joint.   TMD is oftentimes associated with pain in the jaw. This pain can be a constant, dull pain or an intermittent, sharp pain. It can be mild to severe, come and go, and can cause problems sleeping and eating for individuals that experience it. There are several different kinds of TMJ/TMD problems, ranging from swelling and inflammation to misalignment of the jawbone.   Knowing how to … Continue reading

TMJ Symptoms

tmj jaw pain symptoms

Elbows and knees are hinging joints. Hands and feet are gliding joint. The jaw both hinges and glides. Hence, it’s also the most complex joint in our body. We also use it more than any other joint when we talk and eat. Therefore, its muscles, ligaments, and discs are constantly working.   The two jaw muscles are called temporomandibular joints or better known as the TMJ. Sometimes, patients experience symptoms of temporomandibular disorder or TMD.   More than 10 million Americans suffer from TMD, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. The TMJ association cites anywhere from 65 to 85 … Continue reading

Greenwood, SC, patients ask about treatments for TMJ and TMD disorder

woman in jaw pain treatment for TMJ and TMD from Dr. Christopher Griffin

TMD, or temporomandibular disorder, is a condition that is often identified by a clicking or popping sound in the jaw. It occurs when the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is misaligned or tense. Dr. Christopher Griffin of Greenwood, SC, has helped many patients understand why they’re experiencing jaw pain and provide treatments to improve the symptoms.  What is the temporomandibular joint? The temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects the lower portion of the jaw to the skull. To locate your TMJ, place two fingers below your earlobe where you will feel the curve of your jaw. Hold your finger in place while … Continue reading

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