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Dentist in Greenwood, SC diagnoses and treats TMJ disorder

TMJ Dentist in Greenwood SC area

Clicking and popping, headaches, jaw pain, tenderness, the feeling that your jaw is locked… all these issues can be symptoms of a common condition called temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ. Many patients with TMJ disorder may not even know that they have it because their symptoms are vague, or they may have sought a diagnosis and treatment but failed to find effective care. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, a dentist in Greenwood, SC, is highly skilled at working with patients to effectively identify, diagnose, and treat TMJ disorder so they can stop suffering and start focusing on what matters most to them.

TMJ disorder explained

The TMJs are among the most complex joints in the body – while most joints only move in one direction (back-and-forth, up-and-down), the TMJs move in many directions and have enormous pressure placed on them throughout the day. If the TMJs become inflamed, damaged, or misaligned, they can cause a wide variety of symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Pain in the jaw, neck, or ears
  • Clicking or popping sounds
  • The inability to fully open or close the mouth
  • Tenderness in the head and neck muscles
  • Pain while chewing

A wide array of issues can contribute to TMJ disorder, such as:

  • Grinding and clenching teeth
  • Traumatic injury
  • Habits such as chewing gum, ice, or on hard objects such as pencils
  • Stress
  • Misalignment of the jaw or teeth
  • Arthritis
  • Poor posture

Personalized TMJ care

Dr. Griffin performs an in-depth consultation to learn about your symptoms and lifestyle factors, as well as a thorough evaluation to determine whether you have TMJ disorder and if so, what the underlying causes are. Because there are many factors that can lead to TMJ pain, each patient’s treatment plan is unique and custom-designed to alleviate both their symptoms and underlying issues. Dr. Griffin discusses what to expect before, during, and after therapy so you are completely comfortable and knowledgeable about your treatment plan.

If you are suffering from recurring jaw pain, headaches, or other symptoms that may be due to TMJ disorder, it is important to know that you have treatment options. Call Dr. Christopher Griffin in Greenwood, SC today at (864) 229-2610 to schedule your personalized TMJ consultation.

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His ability to give injections with me only occasionally feeling the prick. Explanations on every intervention is explained. Dr. Griffin and his staff are empathetic,compassionate and talented.
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