What are the Symptoms of TMJ/TMD?

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TMJ/TMD is short for temporomandibular joints/disease. The two are often interchanged, but TMJ refers to the joint itself, while TMD refers to the constant struggles of dealing with the pain associated with the joint.
TMD is oftentimes associated with pain in the jaw. This pain can be a constant, dull pain or an intermittent, sharp pain. It can be mild to severe, come and go, and can cause problems sleeping and eating for individuals that experience it. There are several different kinds of TMJ/TMD problems, ranging from swelling and inflammation to misalignment of the jawbone.
Knowing how to recognize TMD is essential in receiving the proper treatment for it. TMD has a number of symptoms that can allow a doctor and dentist to recognize the problem. Many individuals that suffer from TMD complain of jaw pain, headaches, and an inability to open the jaw fully. They may notice clicking and popping noises coming from their jaw (specifically the joint itself) when they open and close their mouth, and may experience tenderness of the muscles around the joint.
Additionally, there are ways for dentists to notice the possibility that TMD exists. A dentist, such as Dr. Griffin in Greenwood, would be able to detect problems when they see severely worn teeth and are repeatedly treating cracked and split teeth, including fillings. This is a sign that pressure and grinding are occurring, and the dentist can then further examine the patient and question the patient to determine if they are suffering from this problem.
TMD is a problem that can be addressed with a custom-made oral appliance made by Dr. Griffin of Greenwood. With a few impressions, Dr. Griffin can fabricate an oral appliance that can help alleviate the symptoms of TMD and help you get on the way to eliminating headaches, jaw pain, and other problems associated with TMD. Call today for a consultation appointment and find out what a professionally-created oral appliance can do to help you deal with TMJ/TMD.
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