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Greenwood area dentist describes the risk factors of gum disease

Dr Christopher T. Griffin Discribes Risk Factors of Gum Disease

Patients in the Greenwood area who are concerned about the development of oral health concerns such as gum disease are often interested in learning the risk factors. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, is a quality dentist who takes the time to educate his patients on good oral health habits and the benefits they can provide. He encourages his patients to take proper care of their teeth and gums to maintain a healthy smile for life. However, periodontal disease and decay are serious concerns.

There are several risk factors of gum disease that Greenwood area patients should take note of in order to ensure they avoid irreversible problems associated with this condition. Some of the most common risk factors include:


In many cases, studies have shown that individuals over the age of 65 are at a great risk for developing periodontal disease. The CDC shows that over 70 percent of patients over this age have some level of periodontal disease present in their smile.


Men and women with a family history of gum disease may be at a higher risk for developing the condition as well. Some dentists can provide genetic testing to provide early intervention services.

Stress Levels

Stress can have a serious negative effect on the body, but it can also be a risk factor for gum disease. Those with high levels of stress are more likely to develop problems in the smile such as periodontitis.


Some medications can have a negative effect on oral health. Pharmacists and health professionals should provide information regarding the effects certain medications may have on the smile.

Tobacco Use

Smoking is not only bad for the body; it can also cause patients to experience a higher concern for developing periodontal disease. Chewing tobacco will lead to recession, bone loss, increased caries and a high probability for oral cancers. Xerostomia is also related to an increase incidence of caries.

Systemic Diseases

When systemic diseases are present in the body, they can weaken the inflammatory system and make patients much more susceptible to developing infection in their mouth. These conditions may include rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Studies have also shown that periodontal disease can be linked to the development of these medical conditions as well.

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