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What Greenwood patients need to know about periodontal care

Top Gum Disease Treatments from Dr. Christopher Griffin

Often when dental patients think about their oral health, they focus on their teeth. Cosmetic treatments such as adult orthodontics and professional teeth whitening gain popularity all the time. However, teeth are not the only variable in the health of your mouth.

Your mouth is also made up of gums, bone, and tissue. Dr. Christopher Griffin of Greenwood, SC, has been helping patients with their dentistry needs for many years. He says the most effective way to keep your mouth healthy is to make periodontal care a priority. Daily brushing and flossing, along with regular checkups are critical in removing food particles that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. However, there are places in the mouth that are nearly impossible to reach at home and are common starting points for periodontal disease.

What is periodontal disease & how is it treated

Periodontal disease can sound frightening, but it’s very common. Often referred to as gum disease, it begins as gingivitis, in which gums become inflamed, irritated, or bleed. While this stage of gum disease is reversible, if left untreated, if it progresses to periodontitis, pockets can form under the gum line where infection will grow and cause further problems. These complications include damage to the gums, loss of bone structure, and loss of tissues that support the teeth. If the gum disease is not treated the teeth can become loose and need to be extracted. Gum disease can be prevented with at-home oral care and regular dental visits, and it can be treated using deep cleaning, prescription medication, and surgical procedures.

The treatment plan will depend on the stage of gum disease. If you’ve noticed symptoms, call Dr. Griffin’s office today to schedule an appointment. Seeking treatment as soon as you notice symptoms typically shortens the time for treatment.

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