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Patients in Greenwood SC ask, “What is a partial denture?”

When a patient is faced with the loss of a tooth or several teeth, his or her dentist may recommend a partial denture. The patient may wonder, “What is a partial denture?”

Partial dentures are not the same as full cosmetic dentures. Full dentures include acrylic “gums” and teeth that comprise an entire dental arch. Instead, a partial denture for Greenwood, SC patients consists of a metal and plastic framework which holds one or more artificial teeth.

Solutions for tooth loss, such as dental bridges or implants, are great long-term options. But the patient may need a temporary solution while considering those alternatives. Partial dentures are perfect for this situation. They are constructed in a similar method as a retainer for an orthodontic patient. Metal framework is surrounded by comfortable plastic which holds the replacement tooth (or teeth). The wearer simply slips it into place to close the gap. Partials snap into place, and are removable for easy cleaning.

Dr. Griffin suggests that patients address tooth loss as soon as possible to avoid negative effects. Remaining teeth have a tendency to shift out of place to compensate for the space, and the bone underneath may begin to deteriorate. The patient’s facial features start to sag prematurely when many teeth are lost and not restored. Some are not able to speak clearly, or cannot bite and chew as efficiently as before the tooth loss occurred. These changes are detrimental to both the health and appearance of a patient’s smile, so restoration methods should be investigated promptly.

Partial dentures are just one of several options available at Dr. Griffin’s Greenwood, SC practice. A patient can choose from dentures, dental implants, or a crown and bridge unit when teeth have been lost or extracted. Each method has advantages. A consultation appointment with Dr. Griffin and his team helps in making an educated decision with regard to oral health and smile aesthetics.

Are you considering a partial denture for restoration of your smile? Do you live in the Greenwood, SC area? If you want to learn more about partial dentures and other restorative options, contact Dr. Griffin today to schedule an initial appointment at his state-of-the-art facility. Both new and existing patients are welcome to find out more about progressive dental treatments suitable for their smiles!

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