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Services used for dental reconstruction in Greenwood

dental reconstruction in Greenwood Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

When patients are seeking optimum oral health restoration and preservation services, they are encouraged to take the time to speak with Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD of Greenwood. His practice focuses on helping patients achieve better dental health and wellness, as well as improve the aesthetics of their smile. This is why his practice enjoys providing men and women with dental reconstruction. Dental reconstruction, also known as a smile makeover or dental rejuvenation, is a treatment plan that is developed specifically for each patient who wants to improve the aesthetics of his or her smile. Our team starts this process … Continue reading

Dentist in Greenwood area provides reconstruction methods to improve the appearance of the teeth

Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD provides reconstruction methods

Imperfections of the smile are common complaints from patients in the Greenwood area. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD and his team welcome patients in the area who are concerned about the aesthetics of their mouth and want to address not only their dental health but the cosmetic appearance of their teeth. For teeth that are broken or damaged, reconstruction methods may be necessary and can be addressed by a Greenwood dentist. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD is here to assist new and existing patients with repairing their smile for both better dental health and beauty. Our team has as wide … Continue reading

Why a Greenwood area dentist may suggest a complete full mouth reconstruction

Greenwood area dentist may suggest a complete full mouth reconstruction

While many patients look at a complete, full mouth reconstruction as something a dentist only does for those with severe problems with their smiles, this is not always the case. These “smile makeovers” can be perfect for Greenwood area patients who struggle with imperfections in their smiles. These imperfections can be anything from staining, spaces between teeth, or breakage of natural teeth. Moderate to severe concerns such as periodontal disease that has wreaked havoc on the smile or missing or extracted natural teeth may also be addressed with full mouth reconstruction. Restoring the smile can be done with a variety … Continue reading

Which patients in Greenwood are good candidates for full mouth reconstruction?

Greenwood are good candidates for full mouth reconstruction

While there are several cosmetic dentistry procedures available for patients who want to address imperfections in the smile and improve their appearance, there are times in which some patients may need to undergo a full mouth reconstruction. Also known as a “smile makeover,” full mouth reconstruction allows a patient to restore his or her smile after disease, trauma, severe decay, or tooth loss/extraction. Patients with several cosmetic concerns in their smile can also use full mouth reconstruction. Several different types of treatments may be done during a full mouth restoration, and Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, can help patients choose the … Continue reading

When might Ware Shoals area patients consider full mouth dental reconstruction?

Ware Shoals area patients consider full mouth dental reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction, also referred to as a “smile makeover,” is a procedure used to rejuvenate the way the teeth and gums look. This is often done for patients who have had periodontal disease or who have lost all or most of their teeth. When extensive work needs to be done to restore a smile for beauty and health, full mouth reconstruction is often the answer. Full mouth dental reconstruction is a series of procedures done to restore the health, beauty, and functionality of the smile after problems arise. Whether patients are dealing with missing teeth, misalignment, or other aesthetic … Continue reading

Benefits of gold restorations

Benefits of gold restorations

Gold is a strong metal that has been used for many years in dentistry to restore teeth, either through gold fillings or restoration pieces such as gold crowns. Although many dental patients want tooth-colored fillings and crowns made of porcelain or other natural-looking materials, there are many advantages to the use of gold restorations versus those alternatives. Dr. Chris Griffin prefers to use gold restorations – crowns, inlays, and onlays – in his practice because of their numerous benefits to the patient. Gold restorations are the strongest material used in dentistry today. The strength of gold allows it to be … Continue reading

Should you choose gold restorations in Greenwood, SC?

choose gold restorations in Greenwood, SC

Full mouth reconstruction is highly individualized, and it usually involves several procedures. It is more than a cosmetic smile makeover; it is the process of restoring health, functionality, and aesthetics. Dr. Chris Griffin will take the time to listen to your concerns, goals, and priorities. He will clearly explain your options, discussing the advantages and disadvantages. Many patients are surprised to learn that Dr. Griffin highly recommends gold restorations. Uses of gold Traditionally, gold was used in fillings and dental crowns. Today we also have inlays and onlays, which are conservative alternatives to crowns in many cases. They are custom … Continue reading

Are teeth restorations a part of full mouth restorations for Greenwood patients?

full mouth restorations for Greenwood patients

Not everyone has a beautiful smile. However, this does not mean that patients have to deal with what they have been naturally given for the rest of their life. People who have a less than ideal smile and want to make cosmetic changes can benefit from teeth restorations. Greenwood practice, Christopher T. Griffin, DMD, Family and General Dentistry, offers full mouth restorations and smile makeovers for those who desire to transform their smile. A smile makeover is a wonderful way for patients to enjoy a beautiful smile regardless of what nature gave them! Using a variety of services, patients can … Continue reading

What procedures are involved in a full mouth reconstruction for Greenwood patients?

full mouth reconstruction for Greenwood patients

There are times in which patients need to consider serious dental work to improve their smiles. When trauma or disease causes patients to become less confident in their smile, they may start to ask their dentist about full mouth reconstruction. Greenwood residents often seek the assistance of Dr. Griffin to learn about procedures that are best to restore a smile to its previous appearance, or completely transform it into a thing of beauty! Full mouth reconstruction may involve several different treatments. When a patient comes to Dr. Griffin to ask about this particular service, he will first perform a full … Continue reading

What to expect during a full mouth rehabilitation by an Abbeville area cosmetic dentist

full mouth rehabilitation by an Abbeville area cosmetic dentist

Many patients want a beautiful smile that gives them pride and confidence. Depending on dental history or natural imperfections, they may need extensive work to achieve desired results. To deliver those dream smiles, Dr. Christopher Griffin brings full mouth rehabilitation to residents of the Abbeville, South Carolina area. Full mouth rehabilitation is a restorative program that addresses an entire arch of teeth – upper, lower, or both. Aesthetics can be completely rejuvenated with a “smile makeover,” through the use of one or more dental procedures. The severity of the dental problems determines which treatments are required. Dr. Griffin creates a … Continue reading

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