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Patients who are dealing with problematic wisdom teeth may need to visit a dentist who provides oral treatment in Greenwood. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin is a quality dentist who provides care for teeth that may need to be removed, including the third molars. Third molars are the teeth that are the last to erupt, typically for young adults. These are the last teeth to develop at the very back of the mouth. However, they are commonly problematic. Sometimes they never develop and other times they become impacted. Even when they do come through the gum line, they may be difficult to clean and put patients at risk for periodontal disease and decay. Most dentists will suggest extraction of the third molars due to the many problems they can pose.

Dr. Griffin in Greenwood has oral surgery hospital training and can properly remove these teeth. They come through between the ages of 16 and 23—if they erupt at all. Patients who see their dentist regularly can ask about the development of these teeth and determine if they should be removed with oral surgery.

Wisdom teeth that have developed through the gum line can be removed easily with a simple extraction, while more in-depth procedures may be needed to remove impacted wisdom teeth that have not erupted. Oral surgery is a field of dentistry that requires proper anesthetics and possibly sedation, which is discussed with patients beforehand.

Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure and patients have no need to worry about the surgery. Removing these teeth can relieve pain and discomfort, while also improving oral health and keeping these teeth from causing overcrowding. Speaking with Dr. Griffin about removing the third molars is highly recommended in many instances.

Patients will experience recovery and healing from wisdom tooth removal over approximately three to five days. Patients are given information regarding aftercare to ensure they do not develop dry socket or other potential complications that can arise. Patients can expect some bleeding and postoperative discomfort, but most do not experience complications after their oral surgery.


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