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Greenwood area oral surgeon explains the need for wisdom teeth removal

In Greenwood Area Oral Surgeon Explains the Need for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Greenwood, SC patients often hear about having the wisdom teeth removed. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, can help patients understand the importance of having these teeth extracted and the reasons behind it. Not everyone will need them removed, but they tend to become problematic for many of our patients. What are the wisdom teeth? The wisdom teeth are also known as the third molars. These molars are the last to develop in the smile, often breaking through the gum line around the late teen years or early adult years. Unfortunately, some patients experience problems with them, including impaction. … Continue reading

What to expect from your tooth extraction in Greenwood, SC

Tooth Extraction in Greenwood area

The teeth are designed to last a lifetime with proper care. However, there are times when certain problems arise, or trauma occurs that may require the patient to seek the assistance of a dentist. Greenwood, SC area dentist, Dr. Christopher Griffin, is pleased to provide tooth extractions for patients in and around the community. Tooth extractions are the removal of one or more teeth, either simply or surgically. Types of tooth extraction Dr. Christopher Griffin offers two types of tooth extraction: Simple extraction – a simple extraction is used for teeth that have erupted through the gum line. These teeth … Continue reading

Greenwood, SC dentist explains how to overcome the fear of oral surgery and other dental procedures

In Greenwood area Dentist Explains How to Overcome Fear of Oral Surgery

Dr. Christopher T. Griffin is a dentist in the area of Greenwood, SC who has committed his career to help patients with their oral health and wellness. His practice offers a wide selection of treatments for patients, including oral surgery procedures. Our dentist explains how patients can overcome their fear of dental procedures, including invasive oral surgery. What is oral surgery? An oral surgery procedure is a procedure that is more invasive than general dentistry treatments such as crowns and fillings. These procedures often address soft tissues and tooth removal, and also include the placement of prosthetics such as dental … Continue reading

What Greenwood, SC, dental patients need to know about wisdom teeth extractions

Wisdom teeth extraction procedure from Dentist in Greenwood SC

The reason the third set of molars is called wisdom teeth is because they don’t erupt in the mouth until a later age than all the other molars, usually between the age of 17 and 25, presumably when we are wiser. For many dental patients, wisdom teeth will cause pain or discomfort and often need to be removed. Dr. Christopher Griffin helps his Greenwood, SC, patients understand their options for extraction. Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed? Wisdom teeth that erupt completely, and in the right place, can be kept healthy with good brushing and flossing habits. However, … Continue reading

Oral Surgeon in Greenwood SC

Christopher T. Griffin D.M.D. is the best Oral Surgeon in Greenwood SC

Often, when adults hear the words “oral surgery” they immediately think of tooth extraction, pain, and fear. While it’s true that wisdom teeth or other teeth that are decayed are often one of the most frequent reasons for oral surgery, surgical treatments provided by a dentist or oral surgeon are designed to bring the patient relief from pain or cosmetic issues. Hearing that they need oral surgery can cause many patients to feel unsure or anxious about the procedure, the preparation, and the recovery. Especially if they are being referred to a new doctor that they don’t know. However, patients … Continue reading

A guide to exodontia procedures in Greenwood SC: When you may need tooth removal; what to expect

Dentist checking patients mouth

By definition, “exodontia” is the branch of dentistry that involves extracting or removing teeth. As your warm neighborhood dentist, Christopher T. Griffin, DMD treasures the close bonds that are formed with patients. These strong relationships are characterized by routine office visits for care and education on great hygiene practices to use at home. What this means is every effort is made to prevent the need for “avoidable” extractions; however, exodontia is not unlike other branches of dentistry. There are some situations where extractions are “unavoidable” and may indeed be the healthiest approach. Types of Exodontia in Greenwood, South Carolina Simple … Continue reading

Choosing an oral surgeon in Abbeville, SC

Oral Surgeon Abbeville SC

Saving a tooth, overcoming growth issues, treating or controlling serious oral disease, and healing trauma-related damage are all reasons to seek an oral surgeon. Often your primary care physician, dentist, or orthodontist will refer you. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing an oral surgeon. Reputation: How long has the oral surgeon been in business? Ideally, you want to work with someone who has built an esteemed practice through years of experience and great outcomes. Training and clinical experience: Feel free to ask the oral surgeon about his experience, background, and knowledge of your specific dental issue. Your … Continue reading

What to expect after oral surgery in the Greenwood area

What to Expect After Surgery in Greenwood

Oral surgeries such as extractions are common in the Greenwood area practice of Dr. Christopher T. Griffin. Extractions may be needed for: Troublesome wisdom teeth Teeth that have experienced severe decay Teeth with failed root canal therapy Teeth that cause overcrowding (typically done before orthodontic treatment) The preparation of full cosmetic dentures Oral surgery is typically done under anesthetics and sedation may be used to ensure patients are comfortable throughout the procedure. There is nothing for patients to fear during oral surgery, as it is painless when the proper steps have been taken. However, many patients who visit our Greenwood … Continue reading

What oral surgery procedures are available by Dr. Griffin, Greenwood dentist?

Oral Surgery Procedures Greenwood

Improving a smile may mean more than just a simple tooth whitening procedure or the placement of a dental crown. For some patients, extensive work is necessary, and may require Dr. Griffin of Greenwood to perform oral surgery procedures. Oral surgeries are used to improve the gums or bones. When used with sedation techniques and anesthesia, patients can visit Dr. Griffin and worry less about having extended work done on their smile. There are several oral surgery procedures offered at Dr. Griffin’s practice. Below are a few of the more common treatments done to make dramatic changes to patient’s smile. … Continue reading

Greenwood, SC area dentist performs oral surgery

Greenwood SC Dentist Performs Oral Surgery

Greenwood, SC area dentist, Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, wants patients to know that his practice offers some of the most versatile solutions for dental care. He assists patients in achieving and maintaining oral health so they can enjoy their smile for a lifetime. He helps patients diagnose problems that could become a bigger issue, including cavities and periodontal disease. He provides preventative care such as sealants, cleanings, and examinations. He repairs imperfections of the smile with cosmetic services, and addresses missing teeth with restorative dentistry. In addition, he offers oral surgery. Oral surgery may include dental extractions or the placement … Continue reading

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