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Oral Surgery Treatments

Oral Surgery Treatments Greenwood

Whether it’s removing wisdom teeth or placing dental implants, several reasons call for surgery.

Dr. Christopher Griffin offers a variety of oral surgery treatments at his General and Family Dentistry office in Greenwood, SC.

Some patients opt for dental implants over bridges and dentures. When placing a dental implant, Dr. Griffin exposes the bone by cutting into the gums. He drills holes in the bone to place its titanium post. This post is implanted deep into the bone and serves as a tooth root. Since the missing tooth’s left a gap, he may place a temporary denture there. The dental implant eventually grows into the jawbone. This growth take up to six months.

He may also place a connector called an abutment. Once in place, your gums need heal for one to two weeks. Then, Dr. Griffin attaches the prothesis. It can be a removable implant prothesis. If fixed, Dr.Griffin permanently screws or cements the artificial tooth onto the the implant abutment.

Patients considering this type of treatment must have adequate bone level density and be prone-free to infections. Why? Dental implants can last a lifetime if they’re properly cared for.

Sometimes, bone grafting is required before dental implant surgery because your jawbone is too soft or thin. A bone graft creates a solid base for the implant. During this procedure, a piece of bone’s removed from another part of your body and transplanted into the jawbone. The transplanted bone grows new bone to support the dental implant. This takes up to nine months.

When our third molars or “wisdom” teeth emerge from the gum line, the jaw has room for them. Often, it doesn’t. The tooth becomes impacted between the gum tissue and jawbone when one or more of the third molars fail to emerge through the gum line or align properly. You may experience a gum tissue infection surrounding the molars, swelling, and pain. We remove these teeth as well as others at our office.

To learn more about these surgical procedures, schedule an appointment with us. Call (864) 229-2610.

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