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Inlays and Onlays Treatment

Dental fillings, crowns, and bridges are a few treatment options to restore your teeth. You also have a couple more — inlays and onlays.

With so many choices today in dentistry, patients turn to experts to make decisions like these. You’ll find this expertise at Christopher T. Griffin D.M.D. Family and General Dentistry in Greenwood, SC.

Inlays and onlays are two types of dental restorations that provide an alternative to full coverage dental crowns. Inlays look like your natural teeth and cover the chewing surface between the cusps of your teeth. Onlays provide full coverage of the biting surface and restore one or more cusps. Both treat tooth decay or other structural damage to teeth.

This therapy is offered both directly and indirectly.

During direct therapy, Dr. Griffin prepares the tooth by removing decay. He then makes an impression of the tooth and sends it to a laboratory for creation. He places a temporary dental filling to preserve the tooth. A few weeks later, the inlay is ready for you. He’ll then cement it onto the tooth.

Direct restorations involve a material such as composite resin to fill the tooth. The resin dries and hardens with a curing light. The result is a natural-looking tooth. Direct restorations are performed in the office and don’t require the wait of sending requests to a lab.

You have several dental materials to choose from to achieve your desired aesthetic. They include tooth-colored composite resin, porcelain, and gold. Cost, insurance coverage, and desired look are all factors considered when choosing the dental material right for you.

Do inlays and onlays seem like the answer to your concerns? Could either of these provide the aesthetic solution you’re looking for? We are happy to discuss your options. Call us at (864) 229-2610.

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