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Is an Onlay and a Crown the Same?

When it comes to taking care of teeth, dentists such as those in Greenwood deal with a number of different kinds of restorative alternatives. Two commonly used restorations include inlays and onlays. These are also called “indirect restorations” because they are made outside of the tooth, fabricated using conventional or digital impressions and are then placed into or onto the tooth. They are created in a laboratory or in-office with standard laboratory techniques or advanced systems such as CAD/CAM technology.

Onlays are restorations that are cover and support the cusps of teeth in a more conservative manner than crowns. They are typically indicated when a cusp of the tooth may be weakened from decay or loss of tooth structure and offer an alternative to crowns.

A crown requires a much more aggressive preparation of the tooth and covers the entire crown surface of the tooth . Crowns are placed on top of teeth and restore natural shape and function to teeth that are cracked, chipped, or that have recently undergone root canal therapy. During root canal therapy the inner supporting structure of the tooth is removed to access the pulp chamber and necrotic tissue within the root system of the tooth. This significantly weakens the tooth structurally. Crowns will provide support and keep these particular teeth from further damage, saving them from being extracted.

Crowns and onlays differ from inlays. Although the restorative process is similar, these restoration are used to fill a cavity within a tooth instead of using a direct application dental filling such as composite resins or amalgam alloys. These can be done with a variety of materials, including gold, processed resins and porcelains.

Dr. Griffin of Greenwood has been in business for nearly twenty years and has provided many inlay, onlay and crown restorations for his patients. They are a great way to restore a tooth to natural form, function and esthetics as well as offer it protection. When you consult with Dr. Griffin regarding your dental work, you will discuss all the options available to you in restoring your smile to its natural beauty and to help make it look its best. Call today to schedule an examination and find out how Dr. Griffin can enhance and change your smile!

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