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There’s a lot more than teeth in your mouth. The mouth is also full of bacteria, plaque, mucus, and other elements. Brushing and flossing help to remove bacteria and plaque. But plaque that isn’t removed can form tartar, which requires a professional cleaning to eliminate.

Plaque and tartar that are left on the teeth not only contribute to cavities. They can also cause the gums to become red and inflamed, or even bleed. This inflammation is called gingivitis and is an early stage in the development of gum disease. Left untreated, gingivitis causes inflammation around teeth and results in pockets which form when the gums pull away from the enamel. Those pockets, in turn, become infected. This more advanced form of gum disease is called periodontitis.

As periodontitis further progresses, the infection spreads and eventually leads to a breakdown of the gums, bone, and tissues that support teeth. Eventually, teeth may loosen and need to be extracted.

There is good news about gum disease. It can be prevented, and effectively treated, and managed.

Proper brushing and flossing help to control the bacteria-laden bio film on teeth. If gum disease does occur, Dr. Christopher Griffin, DMD, in Abbeville, SC, can help. Dr. Griffin offers a variety of gum disease treatment methods, including:

Deep cleaning: Removing calculus from teeth and below the gum line using a technique called scaling and root planning, Dr. Griffin and his team efficiently get rid of problem plaque areas on the teeth.

Medications: Prescription mouth rinse, antibiotic gels, and oral antibiotics are a few of the medical treatments available to help control bacteria in the mouth or treat advanced infection of the gums.

Surgery: Sometimes the best option to removing bacteria and infected tissues in the pockets around teeth is with surgery. Surgery includes lifting the gums to facilitate elimination of all traces of remaining plaque, and then suturing the gums tightly around the teeth. In addition, surgical procedures are available to replace and grow bone or gum tissue that has been lost.

Every case is unique and every treatment plan should be tailored to the patient. Call Dr. Christopher Griffin today to schedule a consultation and determine how to treat your oral health care concerns.

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