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Dr. Christopher T Griffin Provides Gum Disease Treatment Ware Shoals SC

Hearing the words “gum disease” can cause just about anyone to cringe. You may feel self-conscious thinking that you haven’t brushed your teeth enough or that you’ve been walking around, offending your friends, co-workers, and family with bad breath. Rest assured that gum disease is actually quite common and is caused by the bacteria and plaque that live inside of everyone’s mouth.

It’s true that brushing and flossing are critical to ensuring a healthy smile. However, even the best at home care simply can’t reach all of the bacteria in your mouth. There are spaces between your teeth, under the gum line, and in the back of your mouth that you simply cannot reach with at home products. That plaque and tartar can then lead to cavities, tooth decay, or gum disease.

There are several forms of gum disease. The first, gingivitis, is mild and quite common. Gingivitis is identified by swollen, red, or bleeding gums. When caught early gingivitis can be controlled and stopped with a professional cleaning, mouth rinse, and better at home care.

However, if gum disease continues to progress it can cause the gums to become loose, pull away from the teeth, and cause pockets that can become infected. Periodontitis, this more advanced version of gum disease, can lead to damaged gums, bone, and tissue that support your teeth, which can cause your teeth to become loose or even cause the loss of teeth.

It probably sounds scary, but it is important to remember that gum disease can be prevented and treated. Treatment options include deep cleaning and medication. If those don’t work, or if your dentist believes that your gum disease is too far advanced, you may need further treatment to lift the gums, remove the plaque and bacteria, and then tightly secure the gums to the teeth.

Dr. Christopher Griffin helps patients in Ware Shoals, SC, keep their mouths healthy and their smiles happy for many years. He and his team use your twice-annual checkups to ensure that your teeth, and gums, are healthy. If you have pain in your mouth, bleeding gums, or sore teeth, call Dr. Griffin today to schedule an appointment.

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