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Greenwood dentist discusses the process of getting premium dentures treatment

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Within a few months, you can go from having missing or badly damaged teeth to showing off an attractive, confident smile and enjoying your favorite foods again. The Greenwood Process of Dentures Treatment at the office of Christopher T. Griffin, D.M.D. is straightforward and doesn’t compromise on quality. Dr. Griffin and his team combine superior materials with meticulous attention to detail, creating teeth and gums that look and feel no different than healthy, natural tissues.

The process

Dentures are great for many patients who have lost several or all of their teeth. Today’s dentures can be matched to each person’s unique smile and bite, for improved facial appearance, self-confidence, chewing, and speech.

Dr. Griffin will assess the condition of your mouth, because some teeth may need to be removed before you get fitted for dentures. The time it takes for your gums to heal depends on the number of teeth that are extracted.

Generally, complete dentures are designed to replace all of your teeth. They rest on the gum tissue that covers your jawbones. Partial dentures replace some or several teeth, but not all of them. The denture attaches to teeth that are still present, using those remaining teeth to hold or anchor the removable bridge in place. The denture covers and rests on the gums and bone where teeth are missing.

Dentures are traditionally made of a metal framework with pink and white acrylic or resin designed to replicate teeth and gum tissue. Dental implants placed in the jaw may increase the stability and retention of either complete or partial dentures. Implant-retained dentures require as little as four implants to replace an entire arch of missing teeth – minimum implants for maximum effect.

To assure your new teeth and gums have the best fit, Dr. Griffin takes measurements and impressions of your mouth. The initial impression or mold guides the creation of your denture. Additional impressions may be required for finer adjustments. You’ll also be shown a variety of colors, shades, and shapes for denture bases and teeth. It’s a must that you’re comfortable with the look of your new teeth.

To assure comfort, wax blocks allow Dr. Griffin to assess healthy biting action and the relationship between your upper and lower jaws. Your new teeth are also set in wax, rendering wax models that provide a great visual for what your denture will look like after it’s fabricated.

Dr. Griffin’s office fabricates “premium” dentures made with Ivocap injected, high-impact pink acrylic. Each denture is custom-tinted for the ultimate in natural esthetics, precisely reproducing the appearance of natural gum tissue. The teeth that sit on top of this lifelike base are made from porcelain, superior in how it mimics the qualities of natural enamel. Porcelain is as durable as it is attractive, exhibiting the best wear properties so teeth withstand the test of time.

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Once your new teeth and gums are fabricated, you’ll return to our office for a fitting. Try on the dentures and discuss how they look and feel with Dr. Griffin. Adjustments are made to assure they fit well so you’re happy with them.


Adult woman after having denturesBe patient. It takes a little time for your mouth, tongue, and facial muscles to adapt to dentures. A small amount of denture adhesive can help as you work your way up to chewing hard or sticky foods. Minor irritation is normal and should fade as your mouth becomes accustomed to the denture. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Griffin and the team should you have any concerns. Common concerns (and how to handle them) are listed below:

  • Dingy dentures? No problem! Porcelain teeth have the added benefit of resisting stains. But to keep the entire denture (and your mouth) its healthy, attractive best, it’s important to properly clean with a denture brush, soft toothbrush, non-abrasive soap, or denture paste. Soak dentures overnight in a water-based cleaning solution.
  • Aging dentures? It’s generally advised that you have your dentures checked at least once a year. If you notice problems with chewing or sore spots, leave repairs to the professionals. If your denture is old or doesn’t fit snugly to your gums, you may need a new one or you may need to have the base refitted or relined. Remember: Bone can shrink underneath the base, causing dentures to slip and slide and giving rise to painful ulcers. Also, attachment parts can become worn and require repairs or replacement.

There is no substitute for professionally adjusted dentures or denture replacement.  Adhesive and other products designed to retain dentures only “mask” the problem responsible for loose fit. If it’s time to replace your dentures (or missing teeth), don’t hesitate to contact Christopher T. Griffin, D.M.D. Schedule your appointment at the Greenwood, SC office by calling (864) 229-2610.

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