Benefits of gold restorations

Benefits of gold restorations

Gold is a strong metal that has been used for many years in dentistry to restore teeth, either through gold fillings or restoration pieces such as gold crowns. Although many dental patients want tooth-colored fillings and crowns made of porcelain or other natural-looking materials, there are many advantages to the use of gold restorations versus those alternatives. Dr. Chris Griffin prefers to use gold restorations – crowns, inlays, and onlays – in his practice because of their numerous benefits to the patient.

Gold restorations are the strongest material used in dentistry today. The strength of gold allows it to be used in areas of the mouth where the bite is strongest, such as in the back where patients put the most pressure on their teeth when chewing. Whether a gold filling or a gold crown, the strength of this metal holds up to the strongest bite force.

Gold adapts well, providing a more accurate and secure fit than other restoration materials. A better fit allows the restoration to stay in place longer, while handling chewing pressure that might break other commonly used materials such as porcelain. Gold is similar in density to natural enamel, so it is also kind to the opposing teeth. This makes gold cost-effective in the long-term.

Although the use of gold in dental restorations has declined in favor of more aesthetically-pleasing tooth-colored materials, it is the only form of restoration that has been time-tested over the years and continually proven to provide better protection and strength for your teeth. Keep in mind that, because gold is malleable, gold restorations are often smaller and not noticeable in back teeth.

Time has shown that gold continues to be one of the strongest, most long-lasting dental materials available. Dr. Griffin highly recommends the use of gold restorations due to the variety of benefits that they offer his patients.

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