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Greenwood, SC dentist explains how to overcome the fear of oral surgery and other dental procedures

In Greenwood area Dentist Explains How to Overcome Fear of Oral Surgery

Dr. Christopher T. Griffin is a dentist in the area of Greenwood, SC who has committed his career to help patients with their oral health and wellness. His practice offers a wide selection of treatments for patients, including oral surgery procedures. Our dentist explains how patients can overcome their fear of dental procedures, including invasive oral surgery.

What is oral surgery?

An oral surgery procedure is a procedure that is more invasive than general dentistry treatments such as crowns and fillings. These procedures often address soft tissues and tooth removal, and also include the placement of prosthetics such as dental implants. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin provides many procedures right in his office, eliminating the need for a referral to an outside provider. This allows patients to obtain treatment from a provider they already know and trust.

How can a patient overcome their fears of dental procedures?

It is not uncommon for the team at Dr. Christopher T. Griffin’s practice to meet with adult patients who have a fear of visiting the dental chair. Some of these fears may stem from a negative experience in the dentist’s office in the past or a fear of the unknown and discomfort. Thankfully, this team of providers offers Greenwood, SC area patients the ideal procedures needed to achieve their oral health goals, while also providing reassurance of an easy procedure.

To achieve a pain-free visit, the dental staff offers a combination of anesthetic techniques and light conscious sedation. This can keep patients comfortable from the start of treatment through completion. Also, for various procedures, patients may also use medication to help alleviate any pain that may follow their treatment. We want patients to feel at ease, and comfortable the minute they walk into our door, where we treat every individual like family.

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What is light conscious sedation?

Light conscious sedation is the use of a prescription medication that is taken before visiting the practice. Patients arrive with transportation provided by a friend or family member and are completely relaxed when they walk through the doors. The entire procedure is completed while patients are awake, though they are relaxed and at ease throughout the treatment. When patients return home to rest, they will awaken with little or no recollection of their dental visit. This method of sedation is perfect for patients who may be uneasy about working with a dental team to have oral surgery performed.

How can a dentist ensure comfort during a procedure?

With a combination of sedation and anesthetics, our team can ensure a positive experience at the dental office. We also talk with patients during their consultation about their level of anxiety to choose the right method of sedation and anesthetics for the procedure they will be undergoing. Patients take this time to ask questions about the upcoming treatment so they fully understand how the procedure will progress from start to finish.

What are oral surgery procedures completed by Dr. Christopher T. Griffin?

At our practice, we offer the following oral surgery options for patients to consider:

  • Tooth removal (or exodontia)
  • Prosthetic surgery
  • Minor soft tissue removal
  • Dental implant placement

Do I need oral surgery?

Do I need oral surgery in Greenwood area

When patients visit the practice of Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, they can work with our team to determine the procedures required to bring their smile back to health. Assessing a patient’s need for oral surgery is decided when patients need treatment, decided when a problem exists. The dentist will discuss the need for treatment based on their condition and explain how the procedure will improve their oral health. Whether patients require the placement of a dental implant or the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth, these procedures are readily available with our dentist.

Where can I learn more about oral surgery and sedation options?

At the practice of Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, we assist patients with a wide range of services to achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles. If you need dental work that may require more invasive oral surgery, we welcome you to book a consultation to learn about the procedure and sedation methods available. The practice is located at 150 West Cambridge Avenue in Greenwood, SC. The front office team can be contacted by calling (864) 229-2610 to book your upcoming visit.

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