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Dentist describes care and tips for Greenwood area patients with full dentures

Full cosmetic dentures are restorative apparatuses used to replace missing teeth. When patients have had extreme trauma or disease affect their smiles, they can have any remaining natural teeth extracted to prepare for the placement of full cosmetic dentures. These dentures replace an entire arch of teeth and they can be made to specifications of the patient and dentist. Materials used for fabricating dentures have improved dramatically over the years, and now patients can enjoy a transformation that looks completely natural!

Dentures are made of high-quality acrylics. In order to maintain dentures for many years, patients are encouraged to take great care of their restorations. Longevity of the dentures often depends on how well patients care for them, as well as regular examinations with a dentist in the Greenwood area. Christopher T. Griffin DMD, is a quality dentist who can work with patients and can educate them on care and tips for their dentures.


Patients should handle their dentures with great care. This includes storing them properly when they are not being worn and protecting them from breakage when being inserted or removed.

Dental Care

Just like the natural teeth, it is important to brush dentures regularly to remove food particles to avoid the development of plaque and staining. Patients can use denture cleaners to dislodge any food particles or deposits.

Regular Examinations

When patients visit their Greenwood dentist for examinations, they should always bring their dentures. This allows the dentist to make any repairs or adjustments necessary and to discuss with patients any concerns they may have regarding their restoration.

Avoid Whitening

Teeth whitening products are not to be used on dentures. Patients should speak to their dentist if they are interested in replacing their dentures or want to make changes to the appearance. Whitening can be used on the other dental arch if natural teeth still exist, but any restorations may need to be changed to match.

Patients who visit Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, are educated on the ways to care for their dentures, whether they are full dentures or partials. Taking proper care is important for maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile.

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