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Dentist in Greenwood, SC area explains the process of full mouth restoration services

Dr. Christopher T. Griffin and his team of professionals in Greenwood, SC are committed to providing patients with the solutions they need to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile free from imperfections

Patients in Greenwood, SC and the surrounding areas who are interested in transforming their smiles are welcome to ask Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, to explain the process of treatment options including full mouth restoration.

Understanding full mouth restoration

This process, sometimes referred to as full mouth reconstruction or a “smile makeover,” is a combination of treatments used to achieve a more attractive, fully functioning smile when several problems are present. This may include the loss of teeth, damage to the tooth structure, or even misalignment. A full mouth restoration process has several steps patients need to consider as this can be a long-term treatment to achieve the results.

Process of full mouth restoration

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There are several steps to the full mouth restoration process:

  • Consultation – the first step is a consultation appointment with Dr. Christopher T. Griffin. During this initial visit with him and his team, patients may undergo a series of x-rays which are used to determine the health of the smile prior to completing treatment. For patients who are considering tooth replacement options such as dental implants, these x-rays also help the dentist determine if patients are candidates, as they may require sufficient bone structure for successful placement. This is also the time during which patients will point out the concerns they have with their smiles, whether they are functional issues or cosmetic concerns.
  • Planning – because full mouth restoration is a drawn-out process that takes several steps and requires different procedures, it is important that the dentist participate in proper planning with the patients. Planning may require some time to prepare and discuss the various procedures that can be used to achieve results. Some situations, such as tooth loss, may offer several treatment options for patients to choose from, including dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges. Once patients have learned the pros and cons of each, they can make an educated decision as to which one to use for their smiles.
  • Treatments – after patients have planned their process with their dentist, they can then start with the treatments. Some patients choose to have treatments done over time through several appointments, gradually improving the smile. Others decide to have many treatments done at once to reduce the number of visits to the dentist and address dental anxieties appropriately. Our professionals will listen to the patient and perform procedures on their personal timelines. We also work with patients to help them develop a payment plan that makes it easier for patients to obtain the treatments they need to look and feel their best.

Who is a candidate for full mouth restoration services?

Smilling WomenAny patient who has a variety of concerns within the smile may be a proper candidate for full mouth restoration. As discussed prior, patients can choose to have several treatments done at once or work with our dental team to have treatment done over the course of several months or years. This is strictly dependent on the preferences of the patient. Patients can have procedures such as the following incorporated into their restoration plan:

What treatment solutions should I choose?

No two full mouth restoration treatment plans are the same, so it is essential that patients work with their dentist to choose the solutions best for their specific needs. These unique cases require patients to have a dentist they trust to guide them through the process and choose the procedures that will provide the best results.

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Dr. Christopher T. Griffin and his team of professionals in Greenwood, SC are committed to providing patients with the solutions they need to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile free from imperfections! If you are ready to discuss the possibilities with full mouth restoration and want to learn about the process, we encourage you to take the first step by booking a consultation appointment. Our practice is located at 150 West Cambridge Avenue and can be reached by calling the front office team at (864) 229-2610.

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