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Greenwood patients find relief from a range of painful symptoms with full mouth dental restoration

Full Mouth Dental Restoration procedures available from Dentist in Greenwood SC

Patients in Greenwood, SC, who want to improve the function of their mouth and appearance of their smile should speak with their dentist about full mouth dental restoration. This treatment is not a single procedure, but rather a complete approach to improving dental health that is used when patients have several dental or cosmetic issues they need to address. Dr. Christopher Griffin has helped countless patients improve the health and appearance of their smiles with a strategic restoration plan.

Improving dental health

While services such as whitening, orthodontics, and veneers are often part of a restoration plan, the benefits are far more than simply smiling brighter or more confidently. Treatments such as orthodontics that straighten the teeth also decrease jaw pain by improving the alignment of your bite. Additionally, implants can help a patient smile brighter without worry over a missing tooth, and provides stimulation to the jawbone and keeps the remaining teeth from shifting out of place and creating pockets where tooth decay and gum disease can grow.

Finding a dentist you can trust

When a patient needs several dental services, there are many factors to consider. Some patients may be able to complete their treatment within several weeks, while others may have a much longer road. It’s important that you and your dentist have an honest conversation about which services are most critical and if you have a timeline or budget that you need to meet. Dr. Griffin takes the time to speak with each patient, to understand dental health concerns and perceived cosmetic flaws while answering any questions. This allows Dr. Griffin and his team to create a restoration plan that will meet the patient’s needs and expectations.

For more information about full mouth dental restoration, call the office of Dr. Christopher Griffin today at (864) 229-2610.

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Love the staff, They are so nice. Treatment is as pain free as it can be!!
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