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A tooth extraction may be the only way to replenish a smile. Tooth extraction, or exodontia, is the removal of a tooth from the jawbone socket. You may need an extraction if you have extensive breaks and cracks in your teeth. Teeth affected by periodontal disease, or gum disease, may also need to be removed. This disease causes bone breakdown, loosening teeth. When they’re loose, removal may be best. When a patient has this disease, the tooth supported by less surrounding bone, loosens. It then needs to be removed.

A common category of tooth extraction is “wisdom” teeth or third molars. It’s often recommended these are removed before full development to eliminate future problems. When an impacted tooth surfaces and has no room to grow in the mouth, it causes infection, decay of adjacent teeth, gum disease, and bite interference. Extractions range from simple to surgical. Simple ones are performed on the visible teeth often involving a local anesthetic to numb the area.

Surgery is performed when teeth are harder to reach or aren’t easily visible. These may be teeth that haven’t fully erupted or broke off at the gum line. During surgery, Dr. Griffin may remove bone. This type of extraction involves local anesthesia or light conscious sedation.

Dr. Griffin talks with you about your medical and dental history prior to any oral surgery treatments. Inform him about medications and supplements you take. After treatment, follow his advice and properly take care of your oral health.

It’s normal to experience swelling and discomfort after the procedure. Ice packs or cold compresses help decrease the swelling. Also, avoid hot liquids, crunchy foods, and carbonated soft drinks for two to three days.

Dr. Griffin and his friendly team are here to walk you through the process from your first visit to your follow-up ones for any of our treatments. Give us a call at (864) 229-2610.


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