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Myths About Dentures In Greenwood SC

Replacing missing teeth is beneficial to your health as well as your appearance. Additionally, complete dentures will help support the facial muscles, preventing the sunken-faced look that occurs when all teeth are missing, giving you a more youthful appearance. If you are considering dentures, Greenwood dentist Dr. Christopher Griffin is a skilled artisan in creating these restorations.

For many decades, both full and partial dentures have been used to replace missing teeth successfully. Unfortunately, through the years, many myths have been spawned, some of them preventing people from getting a treatment that could restore their oral health, appearance, and self-confidence.

Only old people wear dentures. Not true. People of all ages lose teeth due to gum disease and trauma.

Dentures are ugly and they all look phony. Not true. Especially with today’s technology, well-fitting dentures from a skilled and ethical dentist are not discernible from natural teeth. Neuromuscular dentures can even make you look younger, having a similar effect to a facelift.

They will cause me a lot of pain. Not true. They will cause some discomfort at first, as is true of most dental work. However, with a few adjustments to finish fine-tuning them, they are extremely comfortable. People with well-fitting dentures report forgetting they are even wearing them.

Dentures are all made from the same fundamental form; you just have to become accustomed to them. Not true. They are custom made for your mouth only, and they are adjusted by the dentist until they are comfortable. Denture molds are crafted from the impressions the dentist takes. The mold is broken to access the new denture, and then it is finished by hand. Dentures are a one size fits one situation, it would be impossible to have a universal mold.

Dentures are forever – they never need to be replaced. Not true. Dentures are not permanent or indestructible. Actually, they are fragile, and can break if dropped even a few inches. They can wear down and stain just as natural teeth do. The American Dental Association recommends replacing your dentures every five to seven years.

There are many more misconceptions about dentures out there. If you have concerns, schedule a consultation with Dr. Griffin, he can answer your questions and relieve your concerns.

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