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What types of dentures are used to help Greenwood patients obtain a new smile?

A stunning, radiant smile may not come naturally for everyone. Some patients may need assistance in enhancing and restoring their smile by addressing imperfections. Patients who are missing natural teeth, may have to consider dentures. A new smile in Greenwood is easy to obtain with the assistance of Dr. Griffin’s Family and General Dentistry practice. Dr. Griffin and his team of professionals help patients with cosmetic treatments such as dentures.

When it comes to dentures, patients may need one of two types: partial dentures and full cosmetic dentures. Both are used to replace missing natural teeth. If a patient is missing all of their teeth in a dental arch, whether it is the upper arch or the lower arch, they will need full dentures. Partial dentures are used in cases in which a patient is missing some teeth within an arch, but not all.

Full dentures are made of medical-grade acrylics, which combine artificial teeth and gums. They are held in place by suction, dental adhesives, or dental implants. They are used to replace an entire dental arch, and patients may require extractions to obtain full dentures.

Partial dentures are used when fewer teeth are missing. They are made with a metal frame and acrylic, along with artificial teeth that will rest in place when the partial is snapped into place. They are similar to retainers and are easy to remove and clean to maintain them for years with proper care.

Obtaining a new smile in Greenwood is easy with dentures. Patients can schedule a consultation appointment and examination with Dr. Griffin and his team to learn more about the benefits that partial and full dentures can provide. Dr. Griffin will educate patients on the benefits of each, and will speak with the patient about which choice may be best for his or her particular dental situation. Not every patient’s problems are the same, and Dr. Griffin takes a personal approach to assisting his patients and addressing their specific needs and desires.

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