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How to care for and repair your dentures in Greenwood

Dentures are a popular choice for tooth replacement. Dentures offer advantages such as affordability and customization that many patients enjoy. Dr. Christopher Griffin has helped many Greenwood patients receive their dentures and works with them to keep the dentures beautiful and strong for many years. Below, he offers tips for care and repair.

  • It may take a few weeks to become comfortable wearing the dentures. This is normal and will get better with time. The muscles and tissues in your mouth simply need to adapt to the dentures. While some initial discomfort is to be expected, you should not feel pain. If you’re very uncomfortable, call your dentist to have the dentures adjusted.
  • Once you become comfortable with the dentures you should be able to speak clearly and eat most of your favorite foods. However, just like with your natural teeth, some foods could pull the dentures out of place. Caramel or foods that are very chewy could be troublesome, as could foods that are hard.
  • Patients should be careful with the dentures when they’re removed from the mouth. Place a soft towel across the bathroom counter or fill the sink with water just in case they slip from your hand. Also, dentures should be kept moist when they’re not in the mouth to prevent warping, be sure to keep them in water or a denture solution.
  • When brushing the dentures, be sure to use an appropriate cleaner. Most regular toothpastes are too abrasive for dentures.
  • If a denture breaks or becomes uncomfortable, it’s important to take it back to the dentist for repair. A dentist is trained to fix the dentures and adjust them properly to ensure the best fit for the patient.

For more information about caring for your dentures, call the office of Dr. Griffin today.

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