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Abbeville area dentist describes denture care

When dentures are used to restore the smile for Abbeville area patients, it is important that they understand the effectiveness of denture care. Denture care is necessary to maintain the lifespan of the restoration. Full and partial dentures both require appropriate care and attention to help them last as long as possible while maintaining their appearance and function.

There are two types of dentures, full dentures and partial dentures. Both of these are removable and can be taken out of the mouth to clean and care for. This makes it easy to brush them and keep them looking their absolute best. Patients soak the dentures overnight when they are not wearing them to keep them moist and clean.

When patients choose dentures as a restorative solution, they are educated on how to care for their dentures. They learn how to remove them and care for their remaining teeth to avoid bacteria, plaque, and tartar build up that could lead to further tooth loss. Patients with full dentures still have to care for their gums. These individuals are educated on how to maintain their oral health once all their teeth have been lost or removed.

Below are some common tips for caring for dentures to keep them beautiful and fully functional for many years to come:

  • Denture odor and plaque build-up can be avoided by brushing the dentures every day and soaking them in a denture cleaning solution overnight.
  • Don’t brush too hard to avoid damaging any of the structure including the metal and plastic parts, which may need repair if broken.
  • Clean the gums, tongue, and remaining teeth before placing dentures in the mouth.
  • Do not attempt to readjust dentures by yourself—always have a dental professional realign dentures when necessary to avoid damaging them.
  • Bring dentures to dental appointments so the dentist can check their fit and function.
  • Keep dentures moist in a glass of water or denture cleaning solution when they are not being worn.
  • Contact your dentist if dentures begin to irritate the gum tissue and cause discomfort. Adjustments can usually help resolve these issues and make them comfortable to wear.

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