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Dentist office near me in Greenwood, SC, offers tips for achieving the best dental care

Christopher T. Griffin D.M.D. dental office near in Greenwood, SC, offers tips for achieving the best dental care

The beauty of your smile is often an indication of the health of your mouth. Dr. Christopher Griffin in Greenwood, SC is a trusted dentist with an office that provides quality care to patients who ask, “Where can I get the best dental care near me?” Dr. Griffin knows that your smile is the first thing others notice about you and he is committed to providing the best dental care to ensure your mouth stays healthy and beautiful.

However, there are some things you can do to ensure your visits to the dentist go smoothly and you leave with a clean bill of oral health.

Brush. Ideally you should brush your teeth after every meal. At a minimum, however, you should brush twice each day using a soft and comfortable toothbrush and a toothpaste brand and flavor that you like. Brush firmly, but gently, as brushing too aggressively can be harmful to the tooth’s enamel.

Floss, too! Flossing is important, as it removes food particles that get trapped between your teeth where you can’t reach with a toothbrush. If you’re not sure that you’re flossing properly, ask your dental hygienist to show you during your next appointment.

Skip the soda and sugary items. Foods and beverages that are high in sugar content stick to your teeth, leaving you with a perfect environment for plaque and bacteria to grow, which causes cavities and tooth decay. If you can’t eliminate those foods from your diet, be sure to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after eating or drinking.

Keep your appointments. Regular visits to the dentist are important, even if you’re not having problems. During your check up, a hygienist will professionally clean your teeth, removing plaque that you can’t reach at home. Additionally, the dentist will check your teeth, gums, and the inside of your mouth for potential issues before they become larger problems. Often, issues that are caught early require less treatment.

If you’re looking for a dentist who cares about the health of your mouth and the quality of care he provides, call Dr. Christopher Griffin at (864) 229-2610 today.

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I've gone to at least 3 different dentists over the past few years, consistently had dental problems and had to get the same treatment done over and over again. Since I started going to Dr. Griffin, my dental problems are all solved for good. Here is a dentist with so much attention to detail and you can tell he truly loves what he does and sincerely cares about his patients.
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