By working with their dentist, people in Abbeville, SC can restore function and beauty after tooth loss

Abbeville, SC can restore function and beauty after tooth loss

While children find the loss of a tooth quite an exciting event, adults faced with tooth loss feel differently. Permanent teeth are necessary for an attractive smile as well as optimal function and oral health. When a tooth is lost, prompt replacement by a reputable dentist is important. By finding the most suitable form of replacement, people in Abbeville, SC and surrounding areas are able to preserve their smiles in their best state, preventing the shifting of surrounding teeth.

Dental implants, used for many years now, have proven to provide the ultimate in stability. This restorative treatment is suitable for the replacement of a single tooth, or may be used to support a customized denture appliance when all teeth are missing or need to be extracted.

The difference between dental implants and other restorative care, such as standard dentures or a dental bridge, is that the root system is replaced along with tooth structure. Traditional forms of tooth replacement position artificial teeth on top of gum and bone tissue. Though a degree of function and aesthetic is restored, this method of tooth-replacement does not address the needs of the jawbone. To prevent resorption of bone tissue, stimulation is necessary, and a dental implant provides this.

The process of receiving dental implants is made comfortable through gentle care and state-of-the-art practices. Materials used provide lifelong stability and beauty. Though there is no longer a concern about issues such as cavities, a high standard of oral hygiene is still important to the overall success of the dental implant.

Because dental implants are situated in the jawbone, just like natural teeth, healthy gum tissue is necessary for optimal support. Maintaining dental implant work is as simple as caring for natural teeth, with a focus on gum health. Daily brushing and flossing remove bacteria that could lead to gum disease, and keep breath fresh. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush with non-abrasive toothpaste is ideal for the preservation of the dental crown or crowns that top the dental implants.

Effectively eliminating harmful bacteria requires only gentle brushing and daily flossing. Brushing teeth and gums with too much force can actually be counterproductive to the end goal, causing abrasions on delicate gum tissue. Toothbrush abrasions are detrimental to implant success as they tend to lead to gum recession.

With the placement and proper care of dental implants, tooth loss does not have to rob you of your youthful appearance. Continue enjoying full function and total confidence.

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