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Are Implants safe and Implants dentist in Greenwood SC

Christopher T. Griffin D.M.D. is the best and safe Implants dentist in Greenwood SC

An empty space where a tooth used to be can be damaging to your self-esteem. Unfortunately, many patients in Greenwood, SC, find themselves missing a tooth due to decay, disease, or trauma. When that happens, individuals can feel ashamed by the appearance of their smile and overwhelmed by not knowing how it can be fixed. First, it’s important to know that dentists offer several options for replacing missing teeth. Dentures, bridges, and implants are all safe options with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, for many patients, dental implants stand out over the alternatives because the result closely mimics the … Continue reading

Do teeth implants look natural for Greenwood area residents? What is involved in dental implants?

Teeth Implants look natural for Greenwood area, Christopher T. Griffin D.M.D.

At the practice of Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, patients have access to a wide range of solutions for their dental health and wellness. Our team works closely with individuals to help them choose the options that are best suited for their specific needs. When Greenwood, SC area patients are faced with tooth loss, they may ask about using dental implants for the replacement of one or more teeth – even a whole arch. Implants explained When patients have lost natural teeth or have had teeth extracted, they need to find out about ways to repair their smile’s appearance and function. … Continue reading

Implant Dentistry: Rebuilding teeth the healthy, lasting way

Implant Dentistry Greenwood

Implant dentistry is the permanent way to replace a single tooth, many teeth, or a mouthful. Conventional tooth replacement options such as dental bridges get their support from neighboring teeth. Conventional dentures rely on suction or dental adhesive to keep false teeth in place. As bone shrinks, dentures must be relined for proper fit. From his office in Greenwood SC, Dr. Griffin may recommend dental implants. This tooth replacement doesn’t rely on other teeth or dental products for stability. It’s also a low-maintenance alternative to conventional bridges and dentures. Building teeth from the root up At the heart of implant … Continue reading

Implant dentistry is the ideal solution for missing teeth in Greenwood, SC

Implant dentistry is the ideal solution for missing teeth

Are you embarrassed about missing teeth? If you find yourself avoiding smiling because of missing teeth, it may be time to explore the benefits of implant dentistry. A beautiful smile is important in today’s society. People are drawn to beautiful smiles and your confidence can really suffer if you are dealing with missing teeth. Greenwood, SC dentist Dr. Griffin offers a solution by providing dental implants. What is implant dentistry? The magic of dental implants is that they replace the missing tooth root. Unlike dentures or bridges that rest on top of the gums, dental implants are placed into the … Continue reading

The dental implant procedure offers advantages for patients with missing teeth in Greenwood

implant procedure offers advantages for patients with missing teeth

Whether you have a single missing tooth, or several, the gap in your smile is probably affecting your self-esteem. Adults who are self-conscious about their smiles often hide them, either behind their hand, behind their lips, or simply by not smiling as often as they would like. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider a dental implant procedure to eliminate the gap. A dental implant is a permanent solution that delivers the appearance and function you deserve. Dr. Christopher Griffin in Greenwood, SC, has been helping his patients improve their smiles with dental implants for many years. The … Continue reading

Abbeville area dentist describes the advantages of placing a dental implant

dentist describes the advantages of placing a dental implant

Abbeville area patients visit Dr. Christopher T. Griffin because he is a dentist who cares about the beauty and health of the smile. He offers a myriad of dental solutions for cosmetic enhancement and many individuals are excited to visit his practice to see what can be done for their smiles. Some improvements can address not only beauty but function and health, making it very important for patients to learn about the solutions readily available to them through his dental practice. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin is a quality dentist who offers his patients dental implants. Dental implants are restorations made … Continue reading

Dentist in Greenwood describes dental implants

Greenwood Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD describes dental implants

Patients in the Greenwood area who are considering the most efficient and effective way of repairing their smile after tooth loss are urged to consider the benefits of dental implants. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD is an area dentist who believes in using dental implants whenever possible to restore the smile’s function and beauty. Dental implants are titanium artificial tooth roots which are placed into the jaw bone during oral surgery. When this is done, it stimulates the growth of bone around the implant which is how it obtains its strength. This process is known as osseointegration and is essential … Continue reading

Ware Shoals, SC area dentist describes the dental implants procedure

dentist describes the dental implants procedure

Dental implants are often chosen by patients in the Ware Shoals, SC area because of the many advantages they provide for tooth restoration and denture stabilization. When patients are introduced to the idea of placing dental implants, they typically have a variety of questions to ask their dentist. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD is a Ware Shoals, SC area dentist who takes the time to educate his patients on the steps necessary to receiving dental implants. The first step is the consultation appointment and examination. At this time, patients are introduced to the many options available for repairing their smile … Continue reading

How oral health and wellness can be improved for Greenwood area residents with the placement of dental implants

oral health and wellness placement of dental implants

Patients in Greenwood faced with tooth loss have several options available to them with Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. For permanent, efficient tooth replacement, many of our patients consider the benefits dental implants can provide. These titanium restorations are used to replace one or more teeth in several ways. They can hold bridges and dentures in place, or be covered with a crown to replace just one tooth. These versatile restorations have many advantages which make them the solution of choice for many individuals who visit this practice. Dental implants are placed into the … Continue reading

Greenwood, SC area dentist answers, what are dental implants?

what are dental implants

Bridges, dentures, and dental implants. These are the most commonly suggested restorations for patients in the Greenwood, SC area who are considering restoring their smile after tooth loss. While bridges are porcelain restoration and dentures are snap-in solutions, many patients ask, what are dental implants? Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD describes dental implants are artificial tooth roots fabricated from titanium metal. Titanium is a material commonly used in implantology because it does not erode or rust and is truly biocompatible with the body. These implants are placed into the jaw bone where the natural teeth once were and are restored … Continue reading

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