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Ware Shoals, SC area dentist describes the dental implants procedure

dentist describes the dental implants procedure

Dental implants are often chosen by patients in the Ware Shoals, SC area because of the many advantages they provide for tooth restoration and denture stabilization. When patients are introduced to the idea of placing dental implants, they typically have a variety of questions to ask their dentist. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD is a Ware Shoals, SC area dentist who takes the time to educate his patients on the steps necessary to receiving dental implants.

The first step is the consultation appointment and examination. At this time, patients are introduced to the many options available for repairing their smile after tooth loss, including the use of bridges and dentures. All three of these solutions are effective in replacing missing teeth, but every smile is unique and requires an educated decision. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD may perform a physical examination along with a set of full x-rays to find out if there is enough jaw bone for the actual placement of the implants within the dental arch.

Once patients have decided that dental implants are right for them, they schedule their initial placement procedure. This is an in-office oral surgery that allows Dr. Christopher T. Griffin to put the dental implant in place and help stimulate the growth of bone around it. This is a process called osseointegration which is incredibly important for the dental implant to have sufficient strength and durability to hold the crown or dentures in place. Osseointegration can take several weeks and months, so patients are provided a temporary crown over their dental implant while this takes place.

After osseointegration has occurred and the dental implant is firmly located within the smile, then restoration is considered. When replacing a single tooth, the dental implant is covered with a custom crown over the abutment, while some patients may be using dental implants to hold their dentures in place. This is the final stage of restoration and after this occurs, patients will be educated on the importance of visiting Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, DMD at least twice a year for a physical examination and cleaning to maintain the implant over the years.

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