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Dental Extraction Dentist Greenwood

Situations may occur in which patients in the Greenwood community need to have teeth extracted. This is often done for patients with wisdom teeth that have not erupted through the gum line or they have become impacted. Dental extraction may also be completed for patients who have overcrowding and are preparing for the placement of orthodontics. Others may have teeth removed for full cosmetic dentures. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin is a dentist who offers dental extractions for new and existing patients who require them to improve health or beauty of the smile.

A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth. It may be done with or without sedatives depending on the type of extraction. A simple extraction requires local anesthetics as the tooth is wedged out from the bone with special devices. A complex extraction, such as the extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth, is done as an oral surgery procedure. Oral surgery may require sedation because it is more invasive, requiring the dentist to access the bone through the gum tissue. It may require stitches to facilitate healing and repair the area after the procedure.

Dr. Christopher T. Griffin describes the dental extraction thoroughly to his patients so they know what to expect. We educate individuals on the treatment step-by-step.

Most dental extractions are covered by dental insurance because they are necessary. This is why we work closely with insurance companies to determine ways to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for our patients. For patients without insurance coverage, we do offer payment plans for financing these procedures.

If you would like to learn more about dental extraction, contact the team at the practice of Dr. Christopher T. Griffin. We can help patients decide if they can benefit from the procedure to improve the aesthetics, function, or the health of their smile.


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