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Dentist in Greenwood explains how a dental bridge works

Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, Dental Bridge Dentist in Greenwood

A dental bridge is a quality restoration used by Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, a dentist in the Greenwood area. Dental bridges have been used for decades as a tooth replacement option when patients are missing one or more teeth within the dental arch.

Bridges are fabricated using quality porcelain materials. Porcelain is a common material used in dentistry because it looks like natural tooth enamel. It is easy to work with, simple to customize, and can be colored appropriately to match the teeth existing in the smile. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin uses porcelain not only because it is aesthetic but because it is strong and durable for dental work.

Dental bridges are made with a crown on each end that is fused to false teeth in-between. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin will develop the design based on patient needs. One or more pontics (false teeth) will be made to look like natural teeth. The dental bridge works by allowing the adjacent teeth support the restoration and allow chewing and biting forces to redistribute to these teeth. Patients will find that dental bridges are a great way to replace one or more teeth without the need for a removable appliance such as a partial denture. Bridges are a more permanent solution that does not need to be taken out. They do need to be cleaned appropriately to ensure decay or periodontal disease does not develop around them or on the teeth supporting them. Bridges do need to be flossed in a special manner, and Dr. Christopher T. Griffin will work with patients to teach them the ways in which to care for them. When patients focus on protecting their smiles, they will be able to enjoy their dental bridges and other restorations for many years to come!

Greenville area patients are welcome to contact Dr. Christopher T. Griffin today to book a consultation appointment. We encourage individuals to find out how dental bridges can enhance their smiles, and consider other alternatives including partial dentures and dental implants available in our practice.

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