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A traditional dental bridge in Abbeville

Dental Bridge Abbeville from Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

A dental bridge spans the gap left by one or more missing teeth. They extend from the tooth on one side of the gap to the tooth on the other, with a replacement tooth or teeth between them to fill the space. This tried and proven restoration has been in use for more than 2600 years, when dental bridges were made of pure gold by masterful Etruscan goldsmiths. Of all of the dental materials available today, gold is still considered one of the best.

Bridges are extremely aesthetic restorations in the hands of a skilled, artistic dentist such as Dr. Christopher Griffin. The residents of Abbeville, Greenwood, Due West, Ware Shoals, Hodges, Laurens, Waterloo, and Ninety Six areas enjoy the doctor’s skill and dedication to excellence. Dr. Griffin matches bridges perfectly with a patients remaining teeth, so no one knows there has been dental work done.

Dental bridges provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • Protect tooth alignment – The remaining teeth can shift into the space left by a lost tooth, resulting in misalignment. This can create traps for food particles to become lodged in, increasing the risk of decay and periodontal disease.
  • Protect TMJ function – People have a tendency to chew on one side of their mouth if teeth are missing on the other side. Over time, this can cause TMJ (jaw joint) dysfunction, possibly resulting in jaw, neck, and facial pain, as well as headaches.
  • Protect the ability to speak clearly – When talking; the tongue is pressed against the backside of the teeth to pronounce certain sounds. When there are gaps in the teeth, certain sounds cannot be formed properly, inhibiting clear speech.
  • Protect facial contours – The jawbone and facial muscles change over time when teeth are missing, creating a sunken look around the mouth and in the cheeks.
  • Protect a beautiful smile – A gap from a lost tooth can ruin an attractive smile. A dental bridge can restore the beauty of a smile, allowing patients to smile confidently again.

Call (864) 229-2610 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Griffin to discuss the options available to restore your smile today.

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