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Greenwood, SC area dentist describes the process of dental bridges for treatment of missing teeth

Dr. Christopher T. Griffin is a dentist in Greenwood, SC who has years of experience in providing patients with a variety of treatment options for their smile when problems arise.

Dr. Christopher T. Griffin is a dentist in Greenwood, SC who has years of experience in providing patients with a variety of treatment options for their smile when problems arise. Missing teeth can be a serious concern, especially if they are not replaced as soon as possible. The existing teeth can shift out of place, resulting in gaps between teeth and misalignment of the dental arch. It can also impact the efficiency of eating and speaking. Our team educates patients on the solutions available to them, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants, and helps them learn about the process … Continue reading

Are you missing teeth? Bridge the gap for a healthy, happy smile

Bridge For Teeth Greenwood

Gaps are history with Dr. Griffin’s approach to tooth replacement. Similarly, to how a bridge over water spans two points, a bridge for teeth “fills in” the empty space where a tooth used to be. Are you a candidate? Dr. Griffin combines experience with personal attention. His focus on developing long-term patient relationships means Greenwood SC area patients get a thorough consultation and the level of care that they deserve. After discussing needs, goals, budget, and other factors, he will recommend a dental bridge or another type of tooth replacement: the dental implant-supported crown. Bridges depend on neighboring teeth for … Continue reading

Ware Shoals area residents wonder what a dental bridge is used for

Dental Bridge Ware Shoals from Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

A beautiful smile is important to both patients and dentists. Patients with beautiful teeth will often have better confidence and higher self-esteem. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, patients can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile even if they weren’t born with one. Additionally, situations can happen that require treatment to maintain oral health and beauty. If a patient has experienced tooth loss, they may consider restorative treatments such as dental implants, dentures, or bridges. What is a dental bridge? Ware Shoals residents can visit Dr. Christopher Griffin, DMD, to enjoy the benefits of a dental bridge. This restoration is typically … Continue reading

What Greenwood, SC patients can expect during a dental bridge procedure

Dental Bridge Procedure Greenwood SC

Missing natural teeth have a negative effect on a patient’s smile, both in a cosmetic sense and with regard to functionality. When teeth are missing, problems such as shifting, TMJ, bite changes, periodontal disease, and decreased chewing efficiency are extremely common. Dr. Christopher Griffin encourages those who have lost teeth from trauma, gum disease, or extraction to schedule a visit as soon as possible. He’ll be happy to help in exploring restorative options to enhance and maintain healthy smiles. Patients who are looking for an economical, long-term option should consider the dental bridge procedure. Greenwood, SC residents can benefit from … Continue reading

Abbeville area dentist explains the dental bridge procedure and process

Dental Bridge Procedure Abbeville from Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

Bridges are a popular option for patients in the Abbeville area who are missing teeth. Natural missing teeth can cause an unattractive smile and may negatively affect chewing, biting, and speaking efficiency. Patients who do not tend to their lost teeth with a restoration may notice their existing teeth shifting out of place, which can affect the bite and the way the teeth wear. Patients who have lost teeth may benefit from restorations such as a dental bridge. This porcelain restoration consists of a pontic and two crowns fused together. They are bonded over the adjacent teeth for support to … Continue reading

Why might a Greenwood dentist suggest bridges on teeth?

Greenwood Bridges on Teeth from Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

If a natural tooth is lost, it results in a gap. This gap can be the cause of many problems if left unaddressed. Issues such as misalignment of the dental arch can occur, affecting the bite. This may increase the risk for excessive wear and tear on the existing teeth, and the possibility of periodontal disease and decay, due to the many places in which plaque can become trapped. Greenwood area dentist, Dr. Christopher T. Griffin may suggest some patients who have lost natural teeth consider bridges. Dental bridges are false teeth that are made for an individual patient to … Continue reading

What are the Alternatives to Dental Bridges?

Dental Bridges in Greenwood from Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

People lose their teeth for a variety of reasons. From extractions to trauma, age or gum disease, sometimes individuals may find themselves missing a tooth–or perhaps even several teeth. When a natural tooth is missing, there may be problems such as bone loss, difficulties chewing and biting, and shifting teeth. They may also deal with embarrassment and lower self-confidence, especially if these missing teeth are at the front of their smile. One common consideration to replace the gap left behind by missing teeth is dental bridges. Dental bridges utilize healthy, adjacent teeth to support a false tooth in-between. But not … Continue reading

The benefits and versatility of dental bridges

Dental Bridges of Greenwood SC Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

One of the favorite options for replacing missing teeth is dental bridges. A bridge is an artificial tooth or teeth, called a pontic, which is usually fused between dental crowns, to fill a gap left by missing teeth. The crowns are cemented to the teeth adjacent to the gap (abutments). In Greenwood, SC, dental bridges are a very successful treatment under the watchful eye of Dr. Christopher Griffin. He makes certain the abutment teeth are healthy and stay that way. This is critical to the longevity of the restoration. If decay or periodontal disease were to attack the abutment teeth, … Continue reading

A traditional dental bridge in Abbeville

Dental Bridge Abbeville from Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

A dental bridge spans the gap left by one or more missing teeth. They extend from the tooth on one side of the gap to the tooth on the other, with a replacement tooth or teeth between them to fill the space. This tried and proven restoration has been in use for more than 2600 years, when dental bridges were made of pure gold by masterful Etruscan goldsmiths. Of all of the dental materials available today, gold is still considered one of the best. Bridges are extremely aesthetic restorations in the hands of a skilled, artistic dentist such as Dr. … Continue reading

Are dental bridges the best option for Greenwood patients seeking tooth replacement?

Effective Smile Restoration from Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

Certain dental procedures may sound familiar but are not commonly understood. Dr. Christopher Griffin, a respected Greenwood dentist says missing teeth is a frequent dental concern, but that many are confused about the various options to replace teeth. Losing a tooth, either through extraction or an accident, can affect your dental health and your overall wellbeing. A lost tooth can affect the functionality of your mouth, causing speaking, and eating to become difficult. Additionally, missing teeth can affect your appearance and your self-esteem. Dental bridges are an effective solution for missing teeth. Unlike partial dentures, dental bridges are permanent and cannot … Continue reading

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