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How do Greenwood patients take care of dental bridges?

Bridges Greenwood from Dr. Christopher T. Griffin

When Greenwood area patients have to replace one or more teeth within the dental arch, they may be directed by Dr. Christopher T. Griffin to learn about the advantages of having dental bridges placed. Dental bridges are porcelain restorations used to replace one or more teeth within the arch in a permanent yet economical way. Bridges are considered an alternative to dental implants and full/partial dentures.

Dental bridges are fabricated from porcelain and made to match the existing teeth in color and shape. Dental crowns are made and fused to false teeth called pontics. Together, this long restoration is bonded over the teeth adjacent to the space where the missing tooth was to repair the dental arch. Dental bridges are a permanent alterative to partial dentures but a less expensive option than dental implants. Many patients enjoy using them to restore the function and beauty of their smile after tooth loss or extraction has occurred.

Patients who have dental bridges must take good care of them to ensure they will last a long time. Bridges are known for lasting well over a decade with proper attention. Patients who have bridges should care for them just as they would their natural teeth. This includes proper home health care with brushing and flossing after every meal, as well as regular dental visits with their dental practitioner. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin also suggests patients pay special attention the area where the bridge has been placed with flossing underneath the bridge to catch any food particles which may become lodged between the bridge and the gum tissue that can start the process of decay or periodontal disease. Each end of the bridge covers a natural tooth that is still susceptible to disease and decay and should be given attention at each dental appointment with x-rays and a physical examination to ensure health and wellness.

Dental bridges are just one of many solutions available to patients in the Greenwood area who are interested in addressing tooth loss. Bridges, dentures, and dental implants are commonly used by patients ready to repair their smile in an affordable, effective, and beautiful way. Contact Dr. Christopher T. Griffin to learn more about tooth restoration options including dental bridges and the care necessary to keep them looking great for many years to come!

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