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Bridge For Teeth Greenwood

Gaps are history with Dr. Griffin’s approach to tooth replacement. Similarly, to how a bridge over water spans two points, a bridge for teeth “fills in” the empty space where a tooth used to be.

Are you a candidate?

Dr. Griffin combines experience with personal attention. His focus on developing long-term patient relationships means Greenwood SC area patients get a thorough consultation and the level of care that they deserve. After discussing needs, goals, budget, and other factors, he will recommend a dental bridge or another type of tooth replacement: the dental implant-supported crown.

Bridges depend on neighboring teeth for their support. In its basic, 3-unit form, the dental bridge is made up of:

  • The pontic or replacement tooth
  • Two “anchors,” teeth to the right and left of the pontic

The adjacent anchoring teeth or abutments must be crowned to support the pontic. Each abutment is reduced in size to make room for the crown. Your crowns and pontic are made from impressions of your mouth. Fused together, the crowns and pontic are cemented as a single unit to the existing anchor teeth by Dr. Griffin.

Living with your dental bridge

The health of your bridge depends on many of the same basic habits that your natural teeth depend upon for their health, such as thorough and diligent brushing and flossing, and routine cleanings and exams at Dr. Griffin’s office. Dr. Griffin can recommend special floss or interdental brushes or picks to properly clean under and around the bridge. The space between the pontic and gum can be tight, so it’s important to remove all food debris that allows bacteria to flourish.

With proper care, your bridge can last 10 years or longer. Dr. Griffin also offers options such as dental implants. Call (864) 229-2610 today to schedule your consultation visit.


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