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Benefits of Dentures

When we are unhappy with our smiles, we cover our mouths to hide them. Dentures provide patients the option to replace one to all of their teeth, so they can proudly flash their smiles again.

Dr. Christopher Griffin and his team are prepared to assist you. When you come to visit us, we take our time. You won’t find a waiting room packed with people nor hurried consultations. We recognize you are facing life-changing decisions when you make changes to your smile. Once Dr. Griffin has a good understanding of your medical and family history, your symptoms, and concerns, he develops a treatment plan. Our low volume office is one of the many benefits our patients enjoy. Many factors contribute to tooth loss such as periodontal (gum) disease or tooth decay. Dentures afford patients numerous benefits including:

Aesthetic appeal: Dental materials such as porcelain provide natural-looking teeth. Eating foods you love: A full set of teeth allows you to eat the foods you love.

Improved digestion: Chewing thoroughly improves your digestion. It’s important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for the benefit of your entire body.

Confidence-booster: You simply feel better about your appearance. As a result, you’ll smile more, too.

Improved speech: Speaking involves your tongue, teeth, lips, cheeks, and roof of your mouth. They work together properly when a denture fits well. Durability: We use high-impact pink or gum-colored materials that strengthen these appliances, so they are less likely to break if dropped.

Are you looking for a solution that will be aesthetically appealing while approving your digestion and confidence? Could dentures provide the confidence boost you want? Let’s meet, so we can explore your options. Call (864) 229-2610 to schedule your first appointment.

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review Dr. Griffin and his staff are empathetic
His ability to give injections with me only occasionally feeling the prick. Explanations on every intervention is explained. Dr. Griffin and his staff are empathetic,compassionate and talented.
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