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Greenwood, SC dentist describes the methods of treating gum disease

Dentist describes the methods of treating gum disease, Greenwood, SC

Studies show that more than half of adults in America have some form of gum disease. While this is a serious concern, it helps many of our patients who might feel alone if they have recently had a diagnosis. Gum disease is a condition that varies in severity. However, the earlier the condition is caught, the more likely patients will be able to reverse the situation and restore their oral health and wellness. Therefore, early detection is critical to saving the smile. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin of Greenwood, SC educates patients on noticing the signs of gum disease and treating … Continue reading

Greenwood, SC dentist offers dental extractions

dentist offers dental extractions, Greenwood, SC

The idea of having a tooth extracted may sound scary, but it is performed routinely in many dental practices. There are several situations in which a patient might require a tooth be extracted. Teeth that have large fillings or are injured may be beyond repair and need to be removed. In other situations, patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment may need to have teeth removed in preparation for braces. Whatever the reason, Dr. Christopher T. Griffin of Greenwood, SC is here to help! If you are seeking a dental practice in the Greenwood, SC area that offers tooth extractions “near … Continue reading

Learn about inlays and onlays as dental restorations in Greenwood, SC area practice

Inlay Onlay Restorations at Christopher T Griffin DMD in Greenwood SC Area

Greenwood, SC area dentist, Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, believes in providing a wide selection of restorative options for patients who need to repair or strengthen a natural tooth. Common restorations include dental crowns and dental fillings, both effective ways of addressing cavities and strengthening a tooth if it has become damaged or weakened. However, sometimes these treatments won’t work. A dental filling might be too large for the treatment area, though a dental crown not conservative enough. This is when he may recommend restorations such as inlays and onlays. What are inlays and onlays? Dr. Christopher T. Griffin describes inlays … Continue reading

Dentist of Greenwood, SC can look for signs of TMJ issues in patients and provide effective treatment

Dentist for TMJ at Christopher T Griffin DMD in Greenwood SC Area

If you experience clicking and popping of the jaw joint or notice jaw pain throughout the day, you may be diagnosed with a condition known as TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is a malfunction of the jaw joint which can lead to a host of issues for patients in the Greenwood, SC area. Our dentist, Dr. Christopher T. Griffin, understands the complexity of the muscular system and the jaw joint, called the temporomandibular joint, and can provide the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorder. What are the symptoms of a TMJ disorder? Common symptoms noticed in patients who are diagnosed with … Continue reading

Greenwood, SC dental provider describes the implants procedure from start to finish

Dental Implants Procedure at Christopher T Griffin DMD in Greenwood SC Area

Missing teeth? Not happy with partial dentures or bridges? Considering a more permanent solution? If this sounds like you, it may be time to call an implant dentist in the area of Greenwood, SC. Dr. Christopher Griffin is a dentist in the community who offers dental implants at his clinic. The procedure for dental implants is simple and allows for a permanent replacement of one or more teeth in the smile. Understanding how dental implants work Many patients ask our team, what is a dental implant? A dental implant is a restorative treatment used to replace missing teeth. The implant … Continue reading

Visit Greenwood, SC dentist for cosmetic veneers

Dentist for Veneers at Christopher T Griffin DMD in Greenwood SC Area

Greenwood, SC area dentist, Dr. Christopher Griffin, offers a selection of cosmetic dentistry solutions for patients to consider when thinking about making aesthetic changes to the smile. One of the more popular treatments that are considered at his practice is that of porcelain veneers. Veneers are for covering imperfections near the front of the smile in a fast and discreet manner. Porcelain veneers can address: Gaps between teethUnusually shaped teethPermanently stained teethMisaligned teethCracked/broken teeth How are veneers placed? The porcelain veneer is a thin shell of ceramic that is custom-made for a patient. The dentist will file down a portion … Continue reading

Greenwood, SC dentist describes the dental bridges procedure

Dental Bridges Procedure at Christopher T Griffin Dmd in Greenwood, SC Area

To restore the smile after tooth loss, Dr. Christopher Griffin and his team are pleased to offer dental bridges. Dental bridges is a service provided by our team for patients seeking solutions to restore function and beauty. These permanent restorations are commonly used by our team for individuals who want a fixed solution but one that is not nearly as expensive as dental bridges. During a consultation appointment to determine candidacy, Dr. Christopher Griffin will explain the procedure needed to create and place dental bridges for Greenwood, SC area patients. What is a dental bridge? A dental bridge is a … Continue reading

Obtain natural-looking, quality veneers from Greenwood, SC area dentist

Quality Veneers at the Office of Christopher T Griffin DMD in Greenwood SC Area

Everyone desires a smile that is beautiful and brilliant, free from imperfections. However, many patients don’t think to ask their dentist about cosmetic dental work for fear the price will be far beyond what they can afford. Over the years, cosmetic dentistry has become much more affordable, and covering imperfections on the front of the smile is easy with natural-looking restorations such as quality veneers. Dr. Christopher Griffin of Greenwood, SC is dedicated to providing restorative and cosmetic dentistry so patients can enjoy a boost of self-confidence! What are dental veneers? Dr. Christopher Griffin describes dental veneer as thin porcelain … Continue reading

Greenwood, SC area dentist explains the process to get quality dentures

Get Quality Dentures at Christopher T Griffin DMD in Greenwood, SC Area

At the practice of Dr. Christopher Griffin in Greenwood, SC, patients have a wide range of restorative options to choose from when considering tooth replacement options. With our practice, we may recommend getting dentures depending on the patient’s unique needs. Dentures are a great way to replace one or more teeth in an economical manner—and oftentimes, patients can reduce their out-of-pocket costs with dental insurance plans that provide coverage for dentures. The process to get quality dentures starts with an evaluation with Dr. Christopher Griffin. Process of obtaining high-quality dentures with our team There are three types of dentures that … Continue reading

Greenwood, SC, dentist describes the symptoms and offer ways of treating periodontal disease

Treating Periodontal Disease at Christopher T Griffin D.M.D. Family and General Dentistry in Greenwood Sc Area

Conditions such as periodontal disease can have a damaging effect on the smile—in more ways than one. Gum disease is a serious infection that needs to be diagnosed early when symptoms first appear and treating the condition should be done as soon as possible to ensure the best outcome. Dr. Christopher T. Griffin and his team of professionals provide the evaluation of the smile and discuss treatment options when patients have obtained a definitive diagnosis of gum disease. What is periodontal disease? Dr. Christopher T. Griffin describes periodontal disease, or gum disease, like an infection that starts in the soft … Continue reading

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